Supraconscious Mind (Part 2)

In my last article concerning our mind, I briefly talked about how our subconscious mind (past or present experiences) can keep us from moving forward with our lives.

As I thought about what I intended to talk about, I realized I needed to define what the subconscious mind is.

Wikipedia Encyclopedia defines the subconscious mind as “operating or existing outside of consciousness”.

Furthermore, the father of psychology, Sigmund Freud defines the unconscious mind (subconscious) “as the storehouse of instinctual desires, needs, and psychic actions.

While past thoughts and memories may be deleted from immediate consciousness, they direct the thoughts and feelings of the individual from the realm of the unconscious.”

For example, I have noticed in my own life that I can easily organize what I want to accomplish with my day when I am getting dressed, brushing my teeth, curling my hair, bathing, and washing my face.

Those above task have been so engrained in my subconscious; they are as natural as breathing for me, so I can spend that time thinking about other things.

Moreover, have you ever had an experience in your life where you were put in a situation and you could take care of it without even trying to figure it out? You just knew what to do!

That is our beautiful subconscious mind working for us.

On the other hand, has your subconscious mind STOPPED you or SCARED you from going after what you wanted because of PAST OR PRESENT experiences?

Recently, I received an email from one of my customers concerning an order they were placing with me.

They wanted to know if it was too late to change the size of a shirt for a larger size.

As I read this email, I realized that I failed to tell my customer when we discussed price days before that if they ordered shirts larger than an XL, the prices for 2XL-6XL would be more expensive.

My customer was ordering shirts for the student council, and I assumed they would not need shirts larger than an XL. I had students on my mind only and not adults.

Thoughts ran through my mind such as, they are going to think I am a liar now!

I thought, they are going to think I hid this information on purpose to make more money!

I thought, they are going to cancel this order for sure now! I literally was SCARED to email my customer back.

All of these thoughts triggered from not even my own past experiences, but of how sales people can be deceiving.

As I sat there thinking of what I would say when I emailed my customer, my subconscious mind began to remind me of how honest I intend to be when I am dealing with people.

I thought about my ratio of customers I have lost compared to customers I have kept because of the way I conduct my business.

I thought about how this customer continues to do business with me because of my past performance with orders.

Even though I was still somewhat afraid, I emailed my customer back to apologize and inform them of the price for the larger shirts.

I kept the business, all is well, and I was even emailed TODAY with a new order request from this customer.


Nevertheless, I would like you to stop a moment and reflect on your life and remember an experience where you allowed past or present experiences to hold you back or frighten you.

Okay now smile at yourself and know that you are not a LOSER and remember your life is not a DISASTER.

You were just allowing your subconscious mind to control you.

The GOOD NEWS is you can begin to take complete control of your mind and experience the life that you want.

When you are thinking about something you are wanting and all of a sudden alot of what I call “NOISE” enters your mind, please do not let those subconscious thoughts keep you from MOVING F-O-R-W-A-R-D with your GOALS OR DESIRES

The “NOISE” I am speaking of are statements such as:

There is NO WAY I can accomplish that!”

“What if it does not work?”

“I tried that before and I failed!”

“There is no way she or he will go out with me!”

“I can’t do it!”

It is just the past or fear talking to you. Remain calm and let the past and fear go.

After you have laid the “NOISE” to rest and you can clearly see that you still intend to move forward with whatever your goal or desire is, KEEP GOING MY FRIEND!!!!!!!!

Finally, allow your SUPRACONSCIOUS MIND (God, Higher-Self, Higher Consciousness, Holy Spirit, Spirit, Intuition) to assist you with what you intend for yourself.

Some people will say let go and let God! Or, do your part and then allow your Higher-Self to do its part!

I am 100 percent convinced that when I know what I WANT, INTEND, MY GOALS, OR MY DREAMS, my SUPRACONSCIOUS MIND is right there with me to help me accomplish my desires.

Also, my Supraconscious Mind helps me to get real with myself or tap into myself to see if what I said I want is really what I REALLY want.

Once I know what I really intend for myself, thoughts that will help me move forward with my intentions begin to flow either immediately or over a period of time



Until next time!

Tina Owens, Life Impactor, Author, Speaker, Enjoyer of Life

Copyright (c) 2007 Tina Owens