Supraconscious Mind (December Issue)

Hello everyone!

A few weeks ago, I was outside and it dawned on me that I have been using my mind to help me move forward with my life for over fifteen years now. Yet, back then, I would not have dared call it that!

I said that to say, regardless if we are conscious of it or not, our mind absolutely does assist us or stifle us EVERY SINGLE DAY! I know from personal experience!!!!

The experience that I thought about when I was outside that day happened when I was twenty-four years old. So, approximately ten years ago.

I had graduated from college a year prior to this experience and I was volunteering my time in the ministry for a living at that time. To say it this way, I had a 40,000 dollar education and a degree, yet the only thing I wanted to do was love God and help people. I lived like a pauper for four years.

While I was in college, I would spend either all or half of my summer working for a multi-million dollar sports camp. A year after I had graduated, I was somewhat sad, because all of my closet friends were going back to work at this camp (they had yet to graduate from college). None of them knew what my desire was.

I would think to myself (conscious mind), it would be cool to go back there and work with them.

One day, I was at home and one of my mentors called me and stated that she would be going back to this camp for the summer to be the Women’s Director and she wanted me to come and work on the leadership staff with her.

I could not help but laugh to myself because I knew what I had been thinking about for weeks prior to her call.

The problem for me was, I needed to work to get money to buy summer clothes, to pay for my ticket to fly to camp, to have spending money etc.

Once I got to camp, I would be fine, because we were paid to work there.

So, I prayed to figure out how to make this happen (supraconscious mind).

Yes, I have a degree, but I was wondering who in the world will hire me for only two months and then let me leave for the entire summer.

I thought, how will I get back and forth to work. Remember, I volunteered my time, so I minimized my expenses and did not even have a car back then.

Right across the street from my apartment complex was a well known fast-food restaurant that was hiring.

I attempted in high school to work for a fast-food restaurant and my goodness that only lasted I believe for a week.

Fears of my high school experience (subconscious mind) made me reluctant to go apply at the fast-food restaurant.

I was not necessarily interested in cooking food or working at the cash register.

Also, I feared the fast food establishment would not want to hire me for only two months and the hourly wage I knew I needed to take care of all my expenses was more than the minimum wage hourly amount that I thought this fast food place would offer me if they were interested in me.

Plus, I only wanted to work during the day and not work on weekends.

I know, I was pushing it!

Yet, I knew what I wanted and I knew what I needed to do to go back and work at this camp, so I walked over to the fast-food restaurant and applied.

Believe it or not, they were looking for someone to work the day shift, I did not have to work the cashier nor cook, the two months that I was there, they needed me to work on one particular Saturday during the day, and with the tips I received, the amount of money I made in those two months was exactly what I needed to take care of my expenses.

Pump It Up!!!!!!!

Can you see how my mind helped me to accomplish what I truly wanted.

Finally, I have a quiz that could possible help you to see if you are consciously aware of how your mind impacts your life. Enjoy!

1. Are you in control of your thoughts?
2. Are you creating your life?
3. Are you happy or do you feel your life is a disaster?
4. Are you in the relationship you desire?
5. Do you make confident decisions or do you allow your past or present experiences to determine your decision making?
6. Do you live in the NOW or the PAST?
7. Do you live life from the “Inside Out”?
8. Are you aware of what is going on around you?
9. Have you ever THOUGHT about how POWERFUL your MIND is?
10. Are you aware of how your MIND effects your every day decisions?


B. If your answered Yes to 5 questions, You could possible not be in control of your MIND the way you would like to be. COME ON MY FRIEND KEEP MOVING FORWARD TO CREATE THE LIFE YOU INTEND!!!!!

C. If the majority of your answers were NO, ask yourself this question, “Am I living the life I want or desire?” If your answer to that question is NO, you are probably not in control of your MIND. Do not get SAD or DISCOURAGED because the beautiful thing about life is, we can always CHANGE, MOVE FORWARD AND START OVER!!!!! YEAH!