Supplement Your Self Esteem with Vitamins

Do you have problems with your self-esteem? Do people have to remind you to feel good about yourself? Though many of us have “down” times, if you struggle with your confidence on a daily basis, you should absolutely take control of your self-worth now. And one of the ways to do just that is through vitamin nutritional supplements.

Of course, nutritional supplements have to be part of an overall plan to improve your poise and assurance, as well as your overall vitamin balance, so we’ve created this plan to help you start on the path to being able to look in the mirror with pride and declare, “I’m worth it!”
Step 1: Keep a Journal

For two weeks, jot down every time you doubt yourself or feel like you have no worth. Include the time of day, what was happening around you, what started the feeling (if you can pinpoint one “trigger”), what you had eaten recently (this is critical), and how you dealt with the situation. Based on your answers, you’ll be able to determine what kinds of nutritional supplements and vitamins will serve you best.

For example, if you realize that you often have self-esteem problems early in the morning, you may not be getting a restful night’s sleep. Thus, you may want to invest in a vitamin nutritional supplement that will help you ease into slumber naturally and without side effects. Just getting a full eight hours of relaxation can make a huge impact on the way you feel about yourself.
Step 2: Go Natural

Nutritional supplements are great, but they work best when partnered with a healthy diet, combining as many natural sources of vitamins as possible. Choose natural options such as whole foods whenever possible, and lower your intake of fat and sodium for maximum nutritional supplement impact. That way, your vitamins won’t have to push their way through junk such as potato chips, butter, doughnuts, cakes, processed foods, and candy. Instead, they can make it to your bloodstream and vital centers quickly.

If you aren’t certain which foods are best, just look at their labels. Typically, the healthiest choices containing the most vitamins have the fewest ingredients (with the exception of potato chips and other fried foods which have few ingredients but are soaked in fat). Always ask yourself, “Will this help my nutritional supplements or simply make it harder for them to get into my body?”

Remember – it’s hard to feel upbeat about who you are if you’re not feeding yourself well. Many people forget that food has an enormous impact on self-esteem; don’t allow yourself to do likewise.
Step 3: Be Patient

Though you’re probably eager to start feeling better about yourself, it’s important that you exercise some patience because nutritional supplements and vitamin regimens take a bit of time to work. Unlike harsh prescription medications, they do not “punch” you but “massage” you into feeling better. Therefore, it may take a few weeks to see any difference.

To make it easier for you to spot changes in the way you handle situations, keep up with your journal or diary. Then, refer back to it after about 21-28 and you should begin to see how your nutritional supplements are positively affecting your self-esteem.