Superior Quality Trampolines

Purchasing a trampoline can be a wise long-term investment if the customer is well informed on what a high quality trampoline consist of. A trampoline should not be thought of as a temporary item for entertainment. Instead it should be viewed as a purchase that will provide many years of bonding experiences and heart-warming memories. It is always beneficial for the customer to be informed on what a high quality trampoline consist of so a smart purchase can be made.

One factor that most trampoline customers are unfamiliar with in determining trampoline quality is spring length. It is important to remember that longer springs provide a softer bounce allowing the jumper to bounce higher. Shorter springs provide a shallow jolting bounce and also require replacement more often due to overstretching. Due to how easily shorter springs overstretch, they are much less resilient to adult jumpers. Typically for trampoline sizes ranging from 12 feet to 16 feet, 7 inch to 8.5 inch springs are a good length to have. If possible avoid trampolines with springs shorter than 7 inches. These springs are what would be deemed “short springs” by the trampoline industry. Shorter springs are commonly found on modern mass produced trampolines and truly reflect the quality of the trampoline. If you already own a trampoline which has shorter springs you can always upgrade your spring length, but can only do so when replacing your mat (the jumping surface). A mat replacement is required when changing spring length because the mat size will need to be adjusted to create the correct amount of tension for the mat and springs.

The quality of the trampoline safety pad is another factor which is usually easy to determine. Safety pads are necessary to avoid injury and also protect your springs. Trampoline safety pad are usually composed of either PVC Vinyl or Polyethylene. PVC Vinyl is an UV resistant material designed to withstand harsh UV rays for extended amounts of time. It is a durable vinyl which typically outlasts Polyethylene material. Polyethylene is not UV resistant, making it prone to early deterioration.

The most common trampoline shapes offered are round and rectangular. Round trampolines are usually the budget-friendly option because they are more cost effective for manufacturers to produce. Rectangular trampolines require sturdier frame materials due to the excessive stress placed on the frame in specific areas. The durable material required is what usually contributes to rectangular trampolines being more expensive than round trampolines. The sturdier construction required for rectangular trampolines does typically allow them to outlast round trampolines. Rectangular trampolines are generally used for athletic purposes due to their superior construction and performance. Due to the design of the trampoline the impact is distributed, putting less stress on the springs. Round trampolines are often used for recreational purposes. The performance of round trampolines differs from that of rectangular because with each bounce all springs are pulled from multiple directions, causing increased stress on the springs.

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