Sunrooms as a Pool Enclosures

Large Sunrooms Make Great Pool Enclosures
Adding an in-ground pool to a backyard can be a great decision for some serious recreation. The problem for many, however, is the fact pools aren’t always useable due to weather concerns. In some locales, this can mean a pool remains covered for months out of the year.

This is not so for those who have chosen to go with a sunroom enclosure for their pools. This is even especially so for those who create a sunroom that’s designed for all seasons. By offering climate controls and UV protection built into glass, these sunroom make it ideal to swim year-round, day or night, no matter the weather outdoors.

Sunrooms can be designed to handle just about any use a homeowner dishes out. But going with a pool as a focal point, creates a special atmosphere for those who truly want to use their sunrooms for recreation.

One of the biggest advantages of a sunroom is the fact they enable homeowners to create the illusion of bringing the outdoors in. A pool can very much add to this illusion by allowing a homeowner to create a personal oasis for relaxation.

For those who live in climates that are either very cold or very warm, a solarium designed sunroom is likely the way to go when a pool is planned in the mix. These enable the inclusion of heating and cooling within the room and offer maximum protection from the elements. The designs can be as complex or basic as desired by the individual homeowner and the actual key to the climate control is in the materials chosen.

Typically, a solarium design offers more than just a basic look and involves glass ceilings as well. This can be great for those with pools as it can give the total illusion of being outdoors while still enjoying the warmth or coolness of the sunroom itself.

Creating an environment around the pool is limited only to a homeowner’s imagination as well. With careful landscaping outside and even inside, the pool can give off the impression of being a crystal blue pond in the middle of a beautiful garden. Or, if a more sporty look is desired, the pool can simply serve as the centerpiece in a backyard that’s designed for some serious fun, complete with a volleyball net on the outside, or horseshoe pit or more.

The key to creating a swimming paradise for all seasons is the room the in-ground pool is placed in. Sunrooms offer an outdoor view with an indoor climate.