Sunroom Decorating with Feng Shui

Feng Shui Is A Natural For Sunroom Decorating
If turning your backyard into a relaxing paradise that can be enjoyed year-round is an appealing concept, the addition of a sunroom to the landscape is a good start. But once the gardening is complete and the structure is built, there’s one step left – decorating!

When it comes to creating an atmosphere that truly brings the outdoors in, the principles of feng shui are great to incorporate into a sunroom’s design. An ancient Chinese art that’s meant to optimize surroundings for a peaceful existence, feng shui has some great practical applications when it comes to creating a designer scheme for a sunroom.

The basic tenants of feng shui when it comes to decorating involve peaceful, flowing layouts that are welcoming, relaxing and non-threatening. In a sunroom, these are perfect tenants to follow. The idea is to create a room that’s in harmony with its surroundings and the people that live use it.

To achieve a modest feng shui scheme in a sunroom, here are a few ideas:

* Colors are extremely important in creating a setting that’s relaxing and invigorating without being agitating or too boring. Colors speak to the heart, soul and mind with bold, darker colors sometimes being too somber, and bright, stark colors too eye-piercing. Instead, go with warm, natural tones, or cooler off whites or lights.
* Arrangement of furniture. This is particularly important in a design since furniture arrangement can have an impact on the ease people feel when they’re in a room. Ever notice that you feel uncomfortable when your back is to a door? That’s a common reaction and one that’s avoided with feng shui. For layout of furniture, go with a placement that offers optimum views and allows sunroom users to take it all in. Make sure the layout isn’t cluttered as this, too, can interfere with relaxation. Clutter simply reminds people of work that needs to be done, and if relaxation is key in a sunroom, work is the last thing you want on your mind.
* Use of natural setting. Since sunrooms generally are in backyard areas, bring the outdoors in. If the sunroom overlooks a garden or pond, create the illusion of bringing that in through the glass. Carry the outdoor look inside with plants, a fountain or similar design to the garden itself.

Airy, natural, light and welcoming, those are the key elements in creating a functional sunroom that incorporates feng shui ideas to complete a look that eases the mind and relaxes the soul.