Sunless Tanning System – How to Prepare and Develop Your Sunless Tan

Following a skincare regimen before and after sunless application is essential in achieving optimal, long-lasting results. California Tan Sunless offers a full range of products specifically designed to prepare and develop the skin followed up with extending and enhancing the skin.

Below we are going to review the Prepare & Developing stages of sunless tanning.

Primers prepare the skin for sunless application with gentle exfoliating ingredients and tan boosting skincare. They also help prevent spotty sunless tanning results, by evening out tanning results, prolong sunless tanning results and conditions and moisturises the skin.

– Who they’re for: Any customer receiving a sunless tan should exfoliate their skin prior to their sunless session to prepare skin for optimal tanning results.

– What they do: Primers exfoliate the skin by removing dead skin cells and rough spots to provide a smooth surface for even tanning results.

– When they should be used: Primers should be used immediately or a few hours before a sunless tanning application.

The following tips on preparing the skin for sunless tanning application will help to maintain a longer-lasting, natural-looking tan.

– Exfoliate: to prepare skin for even sunless tanning results. Spend a little extra time on dry areas, such as knees, elbows, feet and hands.

– Shave: before using sunless tanners. Wait at least one day after waxing before sunless tanning to allow pores to close.

– Do NOT moisturise: at least two hours prior to sunless tanning as lotions can create a barrier.

– Remove makeup and jewellery: prior to sunless tanning application.

Self tanners develop a flawless tan or touch up and add colour to an existing sunless tan with advanced formulas. These formulas develop rich, even, natural-looking tans in 2 to 4 hours, providing an immediate appearance of a tan.

– Who they’re for: Self Tanners are ideal for customers interested in at home sunless tanning applications and colour touch-ups between professional sunless tanning applications.

– What they do: Self Tanners contain DHA, the tanning agent that works with skin proteins to temporarily darken the skin and give the appearance of a tan.

– When they should be used: Self Tanners should be used in between professional sunless tanning applications to intensify colour, even out colour, or provide a little ‘pick me up’ for areas that fade faster.

The following tips are on developing the skin for an even, streak-free sunless tanning results:

– Do not wear wool, nylon, or silk: during a sunless tanning application.

– Apply Self Tanners evenly: to the skin, using circular motions. Avoid bottoms of feet. Apply only a thin layer to knees and elbows.

– Always wash hands: immediately after applying a self tanning.