Sunflowers and your Manifesting Success

The Law of Attraction has many faces and sparkling facets like a precious diamond. The Law of Attraction and Manifestation works all the time whether you are aware of it or not. Some can manifest whatever they want and desire in life, some unfortunately struggle all the time to meet ends and to keep up with ever increasing problems, worries and failures. It is so because the ones who succeed effortlessly are using the Universal Laws of Manifestation to their advantage and the others to their disadvantage.

The secret to unlimited wealth in your life is to learn how to create deliberately what you desire and dream of in your life. Luckily, you have come to the right place to learn how to manifest success. How would you like to master the secrets of the Laws of manifestation and become a co-creator with the Universe? Would you like to see and experience your dearest and deepest dreams come true? Do you want to learn how to wish for something, smile and watch the life of your dreams simply unfold before your eyes?

If you said yes I want all of that, then read on and let all your senses, your heart, mind and soul learn from the sunflowers. I call this most amazing experience the “ Manifestation Teachings of the Sunflowers”…

Because you know, sometimes the Universe has mysterious ways of teaching us lessons for our own good so that we learn how to use the Universal Laws with purpose, faith and get the kind of results that we had been only dreaming of in the past.

Years ago, I had a burning desire to have sunflowers in my garden and as I began to see tall and wonderful flowers in my mind’s eye I bought seeds even though my gardening skills were not high in that time. Nevertheless, I trusted in nature and chose a nice patch under my window to plant the seeds for I wanted to see the flowers every morning.

In my great excitement I forgot the bag of seeds outside and the birds took their share out of it leaving but a small quantity. On the top of that, there were signs telling another story: some mysterious animal transported seeds away and lost some along the way to the garden’s end.

Days went by and a feeling of excitement and expectancy spread in my heart and body until I could see the emerging little plants. My excitement knew no end and soon enough I contracted the habit of observing the young plants which grew relatively fast as we had a sunny and mild Spring. Things went well and I attached lots of hope to my sunflowers until their heads were so big that I expected them to bloom and open up their beautiful faces the next day. In that night I couldn’t sleep well because I was impatient to see my flowers blooming; I could clearly hear it rain for hours.

Early in the morning, I went bare foot to the garden, so great was my impatience and imagine my surprise and disappointment when I discovered that what seemed to be a whole army of hungry snails climbed up to the flowers hearts and simply ate them. My frustration then equalled my previous excitement. The “flowers” were still standing tall but they would never bloom, I was devastated!

In the shock’s aftermath, I decided I had to plant new seeds, which I did immediately while realizing at the same time that the problem was still there: the snails would return and eat up my efforts and joy or so I thought about it at the time. In a second, I declared war upon the nasty snails and did not leave any stone unturned until I found enough information on how to keep them away from my flowers.

The first solution I implemented gave poor results as they ate up the new young stems leaving five flowers, which I attempted to protect desperately.
The rain came more often during the night and I had no means of chasing them away from the growing flowers and yet by the effect of some miracle four flowers grew up to the point where the blooming was to be expected soon. I couldn’t sleep at night, I had nightmares and although that might seem ridiculous now I didn’t want anything eating up my efforts and great hopes.

In that day, a friend of mine came to my place and I told her about my snail problem. She laughed and gave me a special tip I didn’t find anywhere else before. I used her suggestion immediately and hoped for the best over night as the rain was again strong, which is the ideal climate for snails to climb up the flower stems and eat the hearts.

It took ages for the morning to show up before I could finally go out and check out whether I still had any flowers. The scene I witnessed was quite dramatic: lots of snails met their end at the barrier I put between them and the flowers but some got past it obviously and ate up the flowers’ hearts except for one!
I was upset but also grateful for the one flower that was left and it was the most beautiful sunflower I had ever seen. Well, in my eyes at least for it is as they say: “ beauty is in the eye of the beholder”.

Two days later the sunflowers in the neighbour’s garden attracted my attention. My curiosity guided me through the unknown parts of my garden to where the beautiful and many sunflowers stood proud and tall under the warm sun rays that morning. Dew set on their brown and golden faces and made them glisten and glitter with a myriad of diamonds like tiny stars suspended in midair. I was in for a shock when I realized that the flowers were not in my neighbour’s garden as I thought but in mine! In a corner I rarely visit or pay attention to because it had thick little bushes with thorns. It seemed that whatever animal that stole the sunflower seeds, it lost some of them in that very abandoned corner and there they were perfectly protected from the snails and anything else!

The Sunflowers Teachings: what can we learn about Manifestation?

I got my sunflowers in mysterious ways, nothing got lost after all and I learned through that delightful surprise that my strong desire to get beautiful sunflowers bore fruits even though my “fight” against the snails was not too successful. It did not happen where I thought it should happen but some weird circumstances and some mysterious bushes, I thought were the ugliest plants on earth, protected the seeds from the voracious snails and offered me plenty of sunflowers. After that incident my gardening skills improved and I learned to not dismiss anything based on its looks for it might be the one thing that has the potential to make something work perfectly and my dreams come true.

even though one wish didn’t come true exactly the way you wanted it to be, there is always a great lesson from observing where and how it came true in a different way. So being open to possibilities that might be unknown to you at a time might lead you to your heart’s desire in an easy and relaxed manner.

the weird incident was like a miracle to me and although I cannot explain it in a logical way, it made me aware of much greater laws and forces at work in the Universe. Let go and trust that what you want will come to you in ways that you could have never seen before. Be prepared for a delightful surprise.

I learned that I did rush into my decisions because my choice of the spot to plant the seeds was not the best. Moreover, after the first evidence that the snails seemed to like the spot where I planted the seeds, I should have taken a different approach and planted them somewhere else. Perhaps more drastic protection means would have helped. And as I come to think of it, many spots would have been a better way to go about it in the sense of gathering some practical experience about the good and less than good spots for the seeds. The stress and nightmares I suffered were unnecessary and I learned to be more relaxed when engaging in any experience. It certainly taught me to try on many spots and to take into account the results that occurred after that. The most touching discovery was that I got the flowers even though I did not have all the experience I needed to handle the “project” at the time.

And the greatest of all lessons was when I discovered that my neighbor planted a whole field of gorgeous sunflowers. My dream came true in so many ways that I was grateful for the whole experience. Where I worried much, my results were not too good and where I didn’t expect anything I got more than I asked for. It truly pays off to observe where your manifesting efforts are blooming and do more of that…

Happy manifesting to you and go get your free e-book now!

Karima Begag