Sun Salutation | Steps for Yoga Sun Salutation | Surya Namaskar | Salute to the Sun

Sun Salutation for the Integration of Body, Mind and Breath

Sun salutation is also known as surya namaskar, or salute to the sun. Yoga is a system of exercises that help to balance your body and mind. Yoga exercises also provide physical as well as mental relief for all age groups.

It helps in gaining personal independence and developing the bodies’ ability. Yoga exercises will helps to develop your body¬ís strength, flexibility, balance and focus.

Sun salutation is treated as the best among all yoga exercises for human body because it stretches and reinforces all the major muscles in the body and also exercises the respiratory system.

Sun salutation is used as a warm up or body toning exercise that helps you to reinforce the body. It is also a great method of breathing control and is performed several times a day.

Yoga Exercise Instructions for Sun Salutation

Here are some of the yoga exercises instructions for sun salutation.

Sun salutation or salute to the sun, a type of yoga asana, is a continuous series of related yoga positions intended to warm up the entire body and create the integration of body, mind and breath. One of the best beginner yoga exercises is the yoga sun salutation.

Practice it in the morning to help relieve stiffness and energize the entire body and at night will help you to relax. For insomniacs this yoga practice helps them fall asleep.

Yoga Positions for Sun Salutation

* Step 1 for sun salutation: Stand up erect with your feet together and palms together in front of the chest. Try to keep your feet grounded and push progressively into the floor as your neck stretches upwards, exhale. And also feel consciousness of the complete body begin to inhale.
* Step 2: Try to breathe in deeply raising your arms high. With hands still together bend backwards from the waist. Hold the position for a few seconds with body in pose, breath held, eyes focused, and mind silent.
* Step 3: Breathe out slowly as you bend forward from the waist, placing your hands flat on the floor at the side of the feet if feasible with your face close to your legs. When you bend as forward as you are comfortable, grab the back of your ankles, calves, or thighs, bend your elbows, heave your upper body quitely towards your legs, and tuck your chin toward your chest. Hold your breath out.
* Step 4: Even as breathing in, stretch your left leg backwards thus it rests on the knee and toes. At the same time, do this, bend the right knee and elevate your head as you are looking up.
* Step 5 for sun salutation: Breathe in as you quitely lift your arms in a wide circle out to the sides and overhead, palms together, looking up at your hands. Hold your breath.
* Step 6: Whilst exhaling, lower your knees, chest and your forehead to the floor. Get your both hands down on the floor on either side of your right foot. Holding your breath, get your right foot backwards besides your left foot. Your body should now make a straight line supported on your hands and toes. Remember to keep your stomach and pelvis up.
* Step 7: Breathe in as you raise your upper body by extending your arms. Hold your breath out as you lower your body so that your chin, chest, and knees touch the floor. Whenever your knees touch the floor, relax the held breath and start to breathe.
* Step 8: Keep continuing your breath in as you bend your head back. Raise your chest and stomach. Place your hipbones on the floor. Look up with your forehead. Hold your breath.
* Step 9 for sun salutation: Exhale as you push your hips up and heels down in an inverted position. Place your chin to your chest. Hold your breath out.
* Step 10: Whilst inhaling, bring your left foot forward between your hands and lunge forward with your left leg. Your right leg should be extended backwards. Keep breathing in as you elevate your arms to the sides and overhead, with palms together, looking up at your hands. Hold your breath.
* Step 11: Exhale as you get your right foot onward next to the left. Grasp the back of your ankles, calves, or thighs. Bend your elbows. Drag your upper body quietly towards your legs, and put your chin toward your chest. Hold your breath out.
* Step 12: Breathe in as you straighten upward, extend your arms up, hands together then arch yourself backwards.
* Step 13: Come back to your standing position with your arms in a circle down to the sides and back to your chest with palms together and exhale. Repeat the sequence leading with your right leg so the stretching action is balanced on both sides of the body.

Therefore, all movements of above steps should be rhythmic and controlled. To start sun salutation, a type of yoga exercise, get your mind and body to concentrate facing east.