Sun Protection for Skin – Essential for Everyone

OK, let’s admit it. Everyone has heard about the importance of wearing sunscreen. But wearing sunscreen is not what most women think of when they envision a youthful, healthy complexion. So what’s all the fuss about?

Well, for one thing, not wearing sunscreen exposes you to skin cancer. Although wearing sunscreen is not foolproof, it is a necessary step in the prevention of skin cancer. The best defense would be to avoid the sun as much as possible, but this is impossible for many of us.

The rise in skin cancer is largely attributed to the ever loving passion of sunbathing for that gorgeous tan. But consider that every year, skin cancer occurs in people at a much younger age than ever before.

What do you think about when you hear that you should wear sunscreen? Do you think of hot summer days on the beach, or picnics in the park where you’re in the sun for an extended period of time? Well, think about this. Did you know that a casual walk to your car, going shopping or even walking your dog exposes you to damaging UV rays? Damage to your skin occurs from long exposure to the sun. While it is true that we get some Vitamin D from the sun, 10-15 minutes of sun exposure is all we need for our daily dosage.

Then there’s premature aging. The American Academy of Dermatology (AAD) advises wearing a minimum SPF 15 daily sunscreen for preserving a youthful complexion. And what about when it’s hot outside and you’re sweating profusely, your SPF 15 could be reduced to an SPF 8 or even lower.

Wearing a broad-spectrum sunscreen should be a daily habit, even on a cloudy day to protect your skin as well as to maintain a healthy complexion. Your sunscreen should offer broad-spectrum, UVA/UVB protection. It should be easy and quick to use. It should also be light and greaseless and quickly be absorbed into the skin without irritation. A good sunscreen should also contain titanium dioxide and zinc oxide, as recognized by the FDA. These ingredients are no longer chalk white on the skin because of what is known as micronization, allowing grainy sunscreen particles to be grounded into microscopic specs without losing their sun protection abilities.

Because of the importance of wearing sunscreen, many makeup products offer additional protection against sun damage and to help prevent pre-mature aging. The moral here is that men and women of all ethnicities need sun protection.

While there are many sunscreen options to choose from, we have been told by many of our customers that our Solar Defendar SPF 28 UVA/UVB Moderate Protection Sunscreen is one of the best they have ever used. It’s ultra sheer, ultra gentle micronized Zinc Oxide for broad-spectrum offers complete protection from burning UVB and aging UVA rays.

It cannot be stated enough the importance of protecting your skin by daily applying a broad-spectrum sunscreen to your skin. Sun damage is real especially in fair skinned individuals. Sun protection is essential for everyone.