Suggestibility Is Not The Same Thing As Gullibility

Some people snicker about hypnosis and question it’s authenticity. They like to infer that the only people who are hypnotized are those who as gullible in nature. This however is not the case.

People who doubt and question hypnosis in this way have either been misinformed or they haven’t taken the time to gather relevant information before making their judgmental assessment. There is a growing body of scientific research that proves both the authenticity and validity of hypnosis. Thanks to the World Wide Web this information is available to all who choose to educate themselves upon this subject.

There are however still some grey areas, just as there are with regards to any other medical or self-help treatment. We don’t know everything there is to know. We only know so much. With hypnosis many people question if they have in fact been hypnotized or if they are hypnotizable.

If you are a somnambulistic hypnotic subject (one who enters the sleep walking stage of hypnosis) then there will be no doubt at all in your mind that you have been hypnotized. This is the stage or depth of hypnosis that is used in hypnotic stage shows. Stage hypnotists tend to find that upon average one out of every eleven subjects who come up on stage will easily drift into this deep level of hypnosis.

And so what happens to the other ten subjects? They too are hypnotized, although not as deeply. They are not naturally somnambulistic. But they are (almost always) hypnotized. This is an area that the uninformed observer might call a little “grey”. They might suggest that those subjects are just “going along with it” or that they are simply gullible.

This area is not as grey as they might think. Scientific research has distinguished between the average hypnotized subject and someone who is simply experiencing a placebo effect. Different areas of the brain are put to use when in hypnosis, clearly showing that this is not really a grey area. Just because you are not naturally somnambulistic does not mean that you are not in hypnosis.

The area however that is still grey relates to the question of why the one in eleven people who choose to go up on stage is a somnambulistic subject whilst the others are not. A conclusive answer to the question has yet to be revealed, although there are many hypotheses appertaining to this subject.

Possessing a vivid imagination would certainly seem to be a key ingredient, although whether this is a causatory factor or not is yet to be seen. Being open to suggestion that in turn elicits one’s imagination to take flight is a basic part of hypnotizability. But as stated above, suggestibility should not be confused with gullibility.

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