Don’t Hook Up If Your Sugar Baby Has These 4 Characteristics

Like the rest of us, sugar babies are not angels. They definitely have their own flaws and misdemeanors. But there are flaws and there are red flags; the former you can tolerate and accommodate, but the latter is a call to action that you cannot afford to ignore. When you across them in a prospective sugar baby, whether from a sugar daddy dating site or sugar daddy dating app, don’t go any further with such an arrangement.

  1. Lack of restraint

If she is the type of sugar baby that has absolutely no sense of restraint whatsoever, prone to occasional outbursts regardless of the time or place then you should ditch her. Sugar dating is a kind of relationship that requires a great deal of sensitivity, due to some of the unusual intricacies involved. Sensitivity is something sugar babies must possess in abundance or else completely abandon the idea of being a sugar daddy.

  1. Immaturity

A sugar baby isn’t expected to literally be a baby. She be aware of the kind of arrangement entered into and learn to comport herself accordingly. If she lacks the emotional intelligence to handle certain situations and conversations, then you should revisit that sugar dating app and hook up with some else.

  1. Materially motivated

It is true that both parties in a sugar dating arrangement should be allow to have their own driving force or motivation. But when one person’s reason for being in the arrangement becomes overly selfish, then that arrangement does not deserve to go on. The sugar daddy must play his role as the financial pillar, but your sugar baby must not begin to feel entitled or only concerned about how much she gets from you. If she only responds to your needs after you have deposited some amount in her account, you should consider that a red flag and respond appropriately.

  1. Manipulative in nature

Another red flag which you must monitor closely is manipulative behavior. In whatever form it shows up, it must be nipped in the bud and not be allowed to become a part of the sugar dating. This kind of behavior isn’t always present from the start and is likely to be closely affiliated with materialism. Note that sugar daddies too can be guilty of this. When you first notice instances of manipulative behavior, the best thing to do is have a conversation with her about it. But if the behavior persists, it is definitely time to ditch her and re-visit a sugar daddy dating site in search of new sugar baby.

  1. Classless

If your sugar baby lacks every iota of class, you really should consider breaking up the arrangement. Class is very important in sugar dating and any lady who cannot meet up with high standards expected of sugar baby shouldn’t even consider being one in the first place. Sugar daddies are highly placed people in their societies. The kind of company they keep and caliber of events they attend attests to this. Thus they need to be accompanied by classy sugar babies who can seamlessly hold their own in such gatherings, not one who’ll constantly make a mess of things, bringing her sugar daddy into disrepute.