Success or Love? Love or Success?

How much good do you expect? Can you have both Success and Love?

Do you believe that Authentic Success and True Love are mutually exclusive? Before you answer, I invite you to stop for a moment and take a couple of breaths.

Ask yourself if you really believe that you can have both an intimate and fulfilling love relationship and a successful career in which you are using your gifts, being paid for what you are passionate about and having the impact you know you are meant to have.

If you answered yes, then you probably already have both or know that you will when you are ready. Your fortune is without measure and you likely know it.

If you answered no, you are not alone. Many women today believe they have to choose either Love or Success, but that having both is not an option. Maybe you’ve chosen one or the other.

Many choose relationship – or relationship drama – over success, over stepping into their greatness. Others choose success at the expense of love. Some compromise or “settle” in one or the other – or both – and carry a heavy heart while attempting to smile.


If you were to go deep into your heart of hearts you’d likely – though not always – find a desire for both success and love. If you do look into your heart and find the desire for both, there are two things for certain.

One – Having a great love requires that you step into the greatness of who YOU are. You’ll never be satisfied or fulfilled until you do. If you’ve given that up for love your relationship will suffer, as will your soul and spirit. It’s important to be and to bring your whole, glorious self to relationship in order for not only you, but also for your relationship to thrive.

Two – If you’ve given up love for success, you’ll always feel an emptiness and a pulling at your heart. You may overwork, overeat or do any number of other things to numb or distract you from your feelings and desires. They never work.

Success never takes the place of love and love never takes the place of success, even if you love what you do, or who you are with.

The key is that each can enhance the other. When you are in the right relationship, your relationship will enhance and support your stepping into your greatness. Just as expressing your greatness in the world will do wonders for the right relationship.

Wherever you are on the path of love and success is perfect. Just notice where that is and listen to your heart. Practice opening your heart and mind to the idea that you can have both if that is what you desire.

This is truly an abundant universe guided by a force which knows no limitations. Especially not for you!!!

Step into Your Greatness in Love and Success!