Success Formula

This morning you made up your mind that everything would be different from now on. You will be a successful and happy person. This decision is the crucial in your life as it may really change your life and surprise you with the results. It is really possible but only if you take it seriously. If you change your behavior and your purposes, your life position is not as it used to be any more. Your aims are changing and your self-confidence is growing. You can do it. A lot of difficulties and trials are awaiting you on the path to success and to reach the final destination, keep in mind the three principles. They will support you when you are ready to give up.

See your aim. I mean really imagine it. Visualize the situation in the slightest details, very vividly. Concentrate thoroughly on the created image. To free the power of your sub consciousness, remember that you are to have a clear picture of your desire in your mind. 2. Set programs for yourself. No one will be able to persuade you better that you. If you say “I can’t “, so you won’t be able to do it. The effort is not even worth taking. Say: “I can “and believe in it and you will see what you can be. Do not waste your time on looking back in the past and leave no space for regret in your life. Remind yourself that you are close to start everything from the beginning again. Your brains are extremely active and they are meant to solve your problems. And it really does it well.

To foster confidence, to realize our dreams, to choose the life we really want to live – we need to grow up several acorns, several ideas. Consider that your mind consists of two halves: one – consciousness and the other is sub consciousness. If we create a clear image or formulate our desire precisely, this image or desire like a seed flowing along the lake finally finds the way to our sub consciousness. As soon as the desire slips into our sub consciousness we start to act. The desire becomes a real power. Our sub consciousness possesses strong energy; it functions as a spur to our actions. Once sub consciousness receives the aim, it strives to achieve it. Human beings are inclined to become what they think they are. If you see yourself as a successful person you will become one. 3. Pretend. Even if you are not successful now act as if you were successful. Your mind is not only looking for the ways to make you what you want to be, it also gives you incentive to act. Let the brains do their work, that is to solve the problems, make plans and imagine the future.