Success and Wealth Covered in 4 steps

The success is something that is left to be judged on case by case basis. Only a handful of people in modern democracies consider themselves as really successful. There are two universal factors that we identify with word “success”. The first one is most likely to be “wealth”. In global view wealth is extremely rare. At the end of the twentieth century a study found that richest 2% of people own well over 50% of global household assets. But wealth should not necessary be generalized on greed or materialism.

The second category tightly connected with success would be “respect”. Having respect more or less means being appreciated by the community for the work we do. Respect in its core means no less than being loved by others. Respect and love are basis of happiness, a crucial quality of success that can not be covered by material wealth.

There are 4 really strong principles to follow if you want to get close to the selected group of successful individuals:

1. Do the things other people are afraid of!
All you need to do is to get out of that pool of mediocrity and to understand that you do not need to be an average guy. How to do it? Do the things other people are afraid of! Majority of people are afraid of public performance, talking to strangers,… Well, do not be like that. Go out, speak to people, dare to stand up for your goals.

2. Search for motivation within yourself!
The easiest motivation is the so called “he motivation”. If he could do it, I can do it as well. That is the poorest way to drive your dreams forward because life will put hurdles on your way, hurdles that no other successful person had to cross. And you will stumble, thinking that no one has ever made it with such a bad luck. Accept bad luck and do not become a part of it – do not let it drain your motivation. You have to realize that you are unique because you have the choice to be different. Your mindset is responsible for bringing you closer to your goal. The attraction law secrets can surely help you with that.
Make that power of unique decisions and positive mindset your key motivators because all you will ever need to succeed is “you”.

3. Do some mistakes!
There are some mistakes you will have to do, even though you know you will fail. Some mistakes can not and should not be learned from others. If you are not prepared to go wrong, there is no way you will learn the positive effect of doing mistakes. You will have to fail 99 times in order to become good enough to succeed in attempt number 100. That 100th person, decision, event, attempt… will support your goals and will make it worth falling 99 times. But if you would not have failed 99 times, you would never have had a chance to gain experience of making that last attempt a real success. And there is no way to learn that from other people mistakes.

4. Be sociable!
In the modern world of web based businesses and virtual realities, short messages and spam mails, it is easy to forget that people are the ones that will decide of your success or failure. The wealth is in hands of human beings, and you need to communicate with people on a personal level all the time. There is always a living person behind each an every decision that is being made on this planet.
How to be more sociable? This one is old as the bible and will probably never lose its power. Treat people in a same way you would like to be treated! And that statement very much involves talking to people, making them feel important, special and loved. Never miss a chance to share a nice word with people surrounding you and to listen to them.

You will find out that 4 steps of building a successful life cover much more than just “increasing wealth” and “gaining respect”. Implementing them to your life will open your eyes to a whole new world of personal growth opportunities. Wrap each goal you have into proven findings of attraction law secret and there is no mountain you can not conquer.