Substance “X” – Christian Entrepreneur Lectures

Life is like a perpetual marathon race. And it is populated by three distinct types of runners. There are those that are not going anywhere and should soon be found sitting by the way side, watching others get on. There are those that are also going along because they fear to be left behind and want to be seen as also going somewhere. Amongst these you will find those that imagine that the prize at the end of the race is out of their own personal reach. Amongst these you will find also those who are in the race to hinder the ones that have a purpose; and to stop them reaching their destination. We are privileged to be the ones with a purpose, who have a goal in mind and are determined to reach it and claim the prize at the end of our pursuit. Our pursuit will be with sheer doggedness and unflagging zeal. And to others, who do not comprehend, we will appear to have consumed some kind of performance enhancing substance. Indeed at the end of many races, we will be taken aside and tested for performance-enhancing substances.

The typical runner with a purpose goes into the race with certain beliefs. First, he must believe that there is a prize actually waiting at the end of the race and it must be a prize that he desires. Else he’s not likely to put much energy into the race. Secondly, he must believe that he could actually win that prize. He must have belief in the race and he must race in belief. He must run the race having drunk of faith in his pursuit. Faith is the Christian’s Substance X. It is totally legal, and in fact recommended. It is to be consumed daily and always in large doses.

(Hebrews 11:1) Faith makes us sure of what we hope for and gives us proof of what we cannot see.
What are the ingredients of this faith? We may do better by looking at its active components and their qualities instead.

* Faith makes you to believe what God says about your undertaking or situation without ever having physically seen God (Hebr 11:3)
* Faith makes you to consciously conduct your affairs in the way that please God and which you know without doubt that God approves (Heb 11: 4)
* Faith makes you to believe that God will reward you because you are persistently looking up to God in prayer and by petition (Heb 11:6)
” Faith makes you to develop a habit of listening to God’s instructions rather than man’s advice (Heb 11:7)
* Faith makes you to throw yourself into obedience of God without reasoning (Heb 11-8)
* Faith makes you to believe that the physically impossible is possible because God says it is (Heb 11:11)
* Faith causes you to make plans for a future, which you have only the word of God to prove its existence (Heb 11:13)
* Faith makes you to be able to give up your most precious possession if God demands (Heb 11:17)
* Faith causes you to be protective of your God given purpose (Heb 11:23)
* Faith makes you to go out out to seek victory in spite of the fact that the situation is hopeless (Heb 11:32)
* Faith makes you to be ready to suffer for all that you believe in (Heb 11:35)

Faith causes to be dynamic
(James 2:26) Anyone who doesn’t breathe is dead, and faith that doesn’t do anything is just as dead!
Faith is not our belief, but a progression of our belief. It is belief in action. For the runner, it makes him to put performance into the belief that he can win the prize, by getting into the race. It makes him to put his reputation on the line against the others in the race. It makes him to be unmindful of the fact that the other runners are richer, much bigger and more popular. It makes him to be deaf to the jeering and taunting spectators all around.

For the entrepreneur, faith is that which will make him to progress a business plan from the mere belief that it will succeed by injecting performance into it. In an example of simple day-to-day situations faith takes the mere belief that you will be able to pay the bills; and makes you to go out to do the things that will enable you to pay the bills. Otherwise it is mere foolishness or presumption.

Faith causes to be creative
In the endeavours of every Christian, faith is always a major resource to be acquired and used; it is an essential provision. In a typical chemical synthesis, a catalyst is used to convert one substance, usually in the presence of a great heat and pressure into another without being itself destroyed. Such is faith. It is the catalyst that brings belief to reality; but is not destroyed. When plans that matter must progress from a dream to success they must be passed through faith and fire and pressure. It is by faith that the conversion process is eased and the expected result is achieved. Else the result will be just a lot of fire, pressure and definitely failure.

Faith causes to abide

(2 Corinthians 5:7) For we walk by faith,not by sight.
Faith will not be destroyed by what is seen. Moses, Aaron, Joshua and Caleb understood the danger of faltering in the presence of an obstacle – the battle would be lost; and they knew that a word of courage and faith was needed as the people of God stood at the threshold of Canaan and feared to enter. They also understood God’s hatred of faithlessness. (Numbers 14) .It is important to God that you have faith else His relationship with you will be in jeopardy.
There are also many great and wonderful prizes that come with faith:
*Faith creates (Heb 11:3)
*Faith heals (Mark 9: 18-30)
*Faith conquers (1 Sam 17)
*Faith resurrects (John 11)
*Faith enriches (1 Kgs 3:5-14)

Faith causes to be successful
Faith creates; faith heals; faith conquers, faith resurrects and faith enriches. It is highly recommended that you never do anything without a heavy dose of faith. How do you find it? How do you acquire lasting faith that will always be available for you when you need it and in

sufficient quantities? There is wonderful refreshment that the Lord handed to me on the way to emancipation. On the ageless bottle in which it is contained is written the words:
“With God ALL THINGS are possible – Mat 19:26″.

I suggest that you should also seek this, and consume frequently and in very large doses.

(Isaiah 26:3-7) The LORD gives perfect peace to those whose faith is firm. So always trust the LORD because he is forever our mighty rock. God has put down our enemies in their mountain city and rubbed it in the dirt. Now the poor and abused stomp all over that city.” Our LORD, you always do right, and you make the path smooth for those who obey you.