Subliminal Success

I am going to share a very simple statement with you that, if you understand it, will change your life! Once you know the truth of this statement you will be able to follow the guidelines I set out for you.

Although you may have heard this statement in some form before, unless you are living the life of your dreams you never really understood it. Therefore I am going to share it with you again in plain language and offer you the means by which you can use the truth it contains.

Millions of people have heard this truth and not understood it. Millions more have understood but not applied what they learned. However, many millions of people have discovered this truth and changed their lives for the better. Are you ready to be one of them? Are you ready to learn this great Universal truth and create the life of your dreams? Do you want to know what this statement say?

Here it is: The thoughts you had in the past are responsible for creating the life you are currently living and the person you are today while the 50,000 you think today will create the person you become tomorrow and determine the life experiences you live!

You may have heard this truth in one form or another but do you really understand it?

Many people fail to recognize the true power of the aforementioned statement. Unfortunately, there are some who understand it but they never look into it very deeply. They believe that a few positive thoughts and visualizations are enough to create change. However, they fail to realise that it is not just your conscious thoughts that create your reality. All thoughts are creative!

The majority of the thoughts you think during the day are subliminal and unconcious in nature. You are not aware of these thoughts until you chose to look at them. Your subliminal mind is the power behind your habitual thinking. Your habitual thinking is what determines your reality and your habitual thinking is subliminal in nature.

In order to fully direct your thoughts and thus create the life you desire you must get in touch with your subliminal thoughts. Subliminal thoughts are those thoughts that creep up on you. For the great majority of your day you drift into subliminal thinking and are completely unaware that you are actually thinking unconsciously or automatically.

It is essential that you gain a conscious awareness of how you are thinking habitually. This takes some diligence. Many people meditate or visualize their goals and recite affirmations in an attempt to change their lives but they do not look closely at their predominant thoughts. The vast majority of the population are content to leave these beliefs and habitual modes of thought at an unconscious subliminal level. If you wish to become the deliberate creator you came here to be you must review your thinking and change it. I am about to show you a proven, efficient and effective way to do just that!

Chose an area of your life where you would like to see change. As you go about your daily activities hold the intention that you will become aware of those times when you are thinking about this subject. After you do this for a day or two you will be surprised at just how many times during your day you think about the subject automatically. Because you are thinking automatically you will be thinking the same thoughts today that you thought yesterday, last week or last month and therefore you will be re-creating the same effects for tomorrow, next week and next month.

Now comes the good part – each morning visualize this area of your life being the way you want it to be. Close your eyes breathe deeply and see yourself as experiencing your goal as though it were a reality right now. Evoke as much strong positive emotion as you can.

Your thinking creates your reality. The conscious thoughts you have, that are twinned with strong emotion, are the most powerful force you will ever encounter in your life. However, even if these thoughts and feelings are directed towards what you want to in life they can be offset by your subliminal unconscious and automatic thoughts. The vast majority of the 50,000 you have daily are subliminal, unconscious and automatic in nature.

If these automatic thoughts are in direct opposition to your conscious thoughts then the results you experience will be very different from the ones you want!

So, again as you go about your day hold the intention that you will become aware of those times when you are thinking of that particular area of your life. At those times when you discover your automatic unconscious thinking stop yourself for a moment! Immediately bring to mind your visualized image and hold on to that. Reconnect with the positive emotions you experienced when visualizing and soon you will begin to be filled with renewed optimism.

Within a few short days your habitual subliminal thinking will begin to change. You will literally reprogram your subconscious mind and your thoughts will start to be concentrated in the direction that you want.

Within the space of a few weeks, or even a few days, you should start to see some major changes in this area of your life.

When you complete this simple exercise your powerful conscious thoughts are creating and attracting the things you want in life while your unconscious subliminal thoughts to the contrary are being eliminated! You program your subliminal thoughts in such a way that they are now in alignment with your conscious desires.

Keep your mind focused on what you want not on what you don’t want. It is imperative that you change your subliminal thinking and this method will definitely do that for you. There are of course technologically advanced methods available to achieve this that can and should be used in conjunction with the technique I have outlined if you want faster results. I am of course speaking of subliminal message programming. This can be a very effective way of reinforcing your own efforts and creating change quickly.

Regardless of whether you choose to use the latest cutting-edge subliminal technology or not you should follow the simple steps outlined in this article. Do that and you will transform your life!