Subliminal Message or Positive Affirmation?

Did you realize that you are limited only by your own belief in your limitations? Quantum physics is now pointing to discoveries that have been spoken about for thousands of years in religious texts and ancient writings. You are living in an age of enlightenment as science and spirituality once again come together in unity.

You may not be aware of it but the limitations that you hold so true about yourself are merely mental boundaries that you have set in place. These mental boundaries are your own self-imposed limitations regarding what you think you are and are not capable of achieving.

If you hold limiting beliefs about your capabilities regarding certain subjects then you will inevitably create a self-fulfilling prophesy where you hold yourself back in your attempts or even self-sabotage your own efforts. Regardless of whether this is simply your ability to play a sport, or runs much deeper affecting your career, finances and relationships it is important to identify that the root cause of your problem is your belief system. The key to achieving success in any endeavour is to understand that your belief system can be changed.

You may not realise that there is only a very small amount of people of this entire planet that are living the life of their dreams having created what they want and after deciding to live life on their terms. It is estimated to be about 2% of the world’s population! Those who tend to succeed in life and achieve those things that they what are those that hold empowering beliefs about themselves and the unlimited nature of human potential. These people have a very special relationship with the subconscious part of their minds and, whether consciously or unconsciously, are very adapt at programming it with positive messages that support their efforts.

By studying these people at close quaters investigators have discovered that they think differently to the rest of us. They use their minds and emotions in different a very way than you are currently using yours. By directing their own self-talk in positive directions they direct their thoughts, emotions and actions. The words they use about the world around them and their own inner world of thought and belief supports their expanding view of themselves and their universe. Through the use of positive affirmations these successful people can literally talk themselves to success and achievement.

Affirmations based around positive statements of intent can alter your belief system to reflect whatever you want it to reflect. You must realise that your subconscious mind can not discriminate. It believes everything it is told and will do everything in its power to make that belief a reality in your life. When you realise that your subconscious mind is responsibly for almost all of your behaviour and actions then it becomes apparent why you should take steps to ensure the messages it receives about you and your world should be of a very positive nature.

The use of positive affirmations is not new. Many millions of people have used this approach to change themselves from the inside out and also mould their lives into their own vision of the world. The only requirements to be successful with affirmations are an open mind, a willingness to change and the persistence to speak your affirmations regularly with conviction and belief.

Now at the outset when you speak an affirmation that appears to contradict the reality of your situation, the subconscious mind will rebel against the statement. It will tell you the statement is a lie through your own self-talk and may even evoke strong emotions such as anger, frustration or sadness in an attempt to keep things exactly as they currently are. With persistence and time though your new affirmation begins to penetrate the depths of your subconscious mind and once this happens you will have formed a new belief! At this point your belief system changes and you start to display actions, reactions, thoughts and emotions that correspond to your new belief. When you change how you think, feel and act you begin to move in a different that ultimately changes your entire life.

Regardless of what goal you have set for yourself using positive affirmations as a means of programming your mind is extremely powerful. As long as you keep at it and don’t allow negative emotions to distract you from your daily affirming you can achieve anything you set out to achieve. This can be difficult for many people as they find the uncomfortable emotions off-putting and tend to give in to their own negativity. For this reason I advise people to use subliminal messages in conjunction with their daily affirmations or even as a substitute for them.

Through the use of subliminal programming you can bypass the critical faculties of your conscious mind and avoid the rush of negativity that often accompanies the beginning of your affirmation activities. By directly accessing your subconscious mind through the use of subliminal technology you can do other things while being presented with the subliminal messages totally unaware of the process. It is possible that you may feel some uncomfortable feelings during the transition period but all in all subliminal programming is a much easier and less intrusive route to change than using affirmations alone.