Subconscious Power

By studying the powers of the mind both conscious and subconscious, we come to the realization that if we only knew how to use these powers, we could accomplish practically anything we have set firm in our view.

Not only would we receive our wants and desires to the fullest degree, but also reach even our highest goals.

The first time we hear this it seems to be a strong statement, nevertheless when we examine the whole nature of our-selves we are compelled to admit that it is indeed true even in its fullest sense, and that not a single individual can fail to realize his or her wants and reach their goals.

All you must do is simply learn how to use the powers that are within you…

This is not mere speculation or fantasy. The more we study the lives of people who have achieved great things in life, and the more we study our own experience every day, the more convinced we become that there is no reason at all why any individual should not realize all his or her ambitions and much more.

Your Subconscious Mind Is Infinite

Out of it all ideas, impulses and feelings you need to know will come to you. Remember there is nothing hidden that shall not be revealed to you.

Your Conscious Mind Is The Intelligent Recognition Of Self

These words will be read by your conscious mind. Your conscious mind is positive in its relation to the subconscious mind and controls your thoughts through desires, and literally builds into your subconscious mind “that of which you think about the most”.

For instance if you think you are lacking, in lets say courage, or any other quality of the mind, by dwelling in thoughts of courage, or the other lacking qualities, through repeating the word which to you is simply a symbol of that thought, you will attract to your subconscious the element or quality most desired

By doing this you also build up your personality, thereby insuring success in all aspects of your life…

Your subconscious mind has no choice of its own and acts on suggestions from your conscious mind. If you say, “I cannot do this or that,” the subconscious mind receives the suggestion, absorbs it, and it then becomes a part of you.

If you use autosuggestion to impress upon your subconscious mind the thought that you can and will, then success will surely follow. You must train the mind to feel that you CAN, and it will in turn sustain you whenever you feel discouraged.