Styles for Straightened Hair

You have found the perfect hair straightener for your curly hair type, but you have no idea what styles you can do with your new do! For some people, straight hair can be rather boring and lacks volume, depth, and character. However, this is not always true if you know how to bring out the natural beauty of straight hair. Having straight hair will give you many options that were not possible with curly hair. Here are some ideas that will help to switch up your look day-to-day.

If you are straightening your hair everyday, you will need to add moisture back into your hair. The heat involved with straightening may cause your hair to become dry and brittle. This will make it prone to fly-aways and frizz. Look at your local salon to find serums and gels that will keep your hair healthy and looking its best.

In order to have tons of volume with straight hair, you will need to use some mouse or hairspray. If you must straighten your hair when it is dry, then follow these few tips. Apply mouse to the roots of your hair and then flip your head down and on a cool setting, blow dry the roots. This will help to add a little volume to your hair, so it doesn’t appear flat.

Keeping your hair looking great is a concern for all women no matter what age! With straight hair you are able to place it in a small pony tail and then wrap a few pieces of hair around the elastic band to hide it. This can be a great casual hairstyle or even be used for a night on the town. Be creative with pony tails because with straight hair the possibilities are endless.

To add a little more texture and character to your straightened hair, try curling the ends in or out depending upon what looks best on you. If you have really curly hair before straightening it, you will most likely not need hair spray or mouse to hold it in place. Flipping the ends outward has become extremely popular over the past few years. Try both it see which looks best with your hair type and face.

Since you have decided to give up on your curls temporarily, here are some styles to help you with your new hairstyle. Even though it is straightened you can still have great looking hair without it looking boring or dull. Try out some of these styles to see which fits your personality best.