Stretch Marks Causes and Creams For Stretch Marks

There are many products on the market that make promises to effectively reduce stretch marks. However, most of them deliver nothing but disappointment only because many of these companies fail to understand the simple facts surrounding the cause of stretch marks.

What are the causes of stretch marks?

There are 4 main causes for stretch marks:

* Pregnancy
* Growth spurts during puberty
* Obesity or sudden weight gain
* Sudden bulking up due to steroid use

How are stretch marks caused?

Within the dermis layer of the skin, there are 2 fibers (Collagen and Elastin) which are interwoven and connected to the skin. These fibers are responsible for the firmness, flexibility and elasticity of the skin.

When skin is stretched beyond a certain point, these fibers are torn and ripped leaving the skin unable to return to its previous condition. This is what leaves stretch marks on the skin surface.

How are the best creams formulated?

Good effective creams should contain the following ingredients:

Squalene Oil: Derived from Olive Oil isolates and has excellent regenerative properties. It is also an essential ingredient for prevention and treatment of scarring and stretch marks.

Vitamin A Palmitate: Although best known for positive affects on vision, this vitamin has also been clinically shown to improve the appearance for stretch marks and regulation of skin cell growth.

Vitamin E: An excellent anti-oxidant, preventing premature skin aging as a result of oxidation.

Vitamin D3: Essential for new skin cell production. It also compliments the work of Vitamins A and E in the regeneration of process of the skin.

DL-Penthenol (Vitamin B5): Also aids in the regeneration of skin cells but particularly focusing on stretch mark prevention and treatment by promoting Collagen and Elastin production.

Aloe Vera Extract: Excellent in small wound treatment without the forming of scar tissue, thus preventing the appearance of stretch marks.

Grapefruit Seed Extract: There are claims that this is a natural antibiotic and that it helps to restore damaged Collagen and Elastin.

If you would like to know which stretch mark prevention and reduction cream