Stretch Hooder Film Makes For Better Pallet Stability vs Stretch Films!

Stretch Film vs Shrink Films is that a use of a heat source which uses more energy and the use of stretch film that carries an adhesive coating to which is harder to recycle.The use of Stretch Hooder film is more environmentally safe, cost effective, energy saving and convenient way to palletized materials.

The film stretches in the machine direction and the transverse direction which improves the stress strain curve, and the material never reaches the plastic point before it reaches the permanent deformation. This allows the film to snugly form around the dimensions of the pallet, and limits movement and also protects the contents from dirt and water contamination on top of the pallet and lower part of the pallet load.

Stretch Hooder Film is a one piece hood made in the machine direction from a continuous roll of lay flat tubing or gusseted film. The stretch hooder film is stretched over the load and secured under the pallet. Stretch Hooder Films are ideal for applications where pallet loads require five sided protection, that encounter stress during shipping or where products are sensitive to heat.

The hiden benefits of using Stretch Hooder Films are: Pallet loads that have been packaged using stretch hooder films are more secured for transportation than stretch wrap or shrink films. You get great tension in both horizontal and vertical directions which mean that the finished goods are pressed downwards on the pallet preventing the load from shifting. The stretch hooder film utilizes packaging film without the use of heat gun or tunnel or glue. This method reduces energy usage that is usually used by a heat gun to shrink the material. In turn improves safety in the workplace of a potential fire.

Pallets packaged with stretch hooder films are better than your standard shrink pallet covers or stretch film because it hold the pallet together without shifting during transportation. Stretch Hooder Film technology has the opportunity to increase the security and palletizing of your load over stretch film that is not as environmentally freindly or shrink film that requires a heat source for additional energy consumption. Changing to this type of material is evvironmentally freindly and is esily recyclable.

Copyright (c) 2007 David Banig