Stress Management with Meditation

Stress management is a growing interest in our high-paced
world with so many people juggling work, family time, school
stress and other factors. Meditation is a very good tool for
this as one develops regular breathing, concentration and
gets a mini-vacation from daily concerns.

Other tools that are used for stress management relief
include massage therapy, yoga, jogging and biofeedback.
Whether it’s work, family or other stress factors, taking a
jump back from the situation changes your perspective and
can make you feel less “consumed” by the thoughts and
feelings that spin around in your head. Having a taste of
something beyond the habitual stories and dramas is very
useful in questioning them when they arise in daily life.

8 minute meditation is a program by Victor Davich for people
with a busy lifestyle that are not sure if they have more
than 8 minutes free a day. It’s designed to give you a taste
of peace and a break from daily stress and inner turbulence.

As a law student he applied meditation to his studies to
reduce stress and help with concentration and continues to
use this tool as a corporate lawyer. His program consists of
8 different meditations done over an 8 week period with each
week focusing on a different technique. After the 8 weeks
are up you can continue as you were or add more time and
depth to your practice. Even a short period each day of
meditation can help with high blood pressure, rapid heart
beat and bodily tensions due to stress reactions.