Stress In The Workplace – Follow Your Passion To Conquer Stress At Work

Commonly we thinking stress at work is about putting up with disgruntled co-workers and annoying bosses, getting caught with work delays and tight deadlines and working long and excessive hours that keep you away from loved ones. However one main cause of workplace stress that people overlook is workplace boredom.

The symptoms of workplace boredom include:
• Lack of diverse and challenging tasks.
• Lack of career growth and opportunities.
• Lack of pay increases and incentives.
• Complacency.
• Doing the same mundane work each day.
• Working in an uninspired work environment.
• Working with uninspired co-workers.
• Lack of appreciation from your employer.

I experienced workplace boredom about seven years ago while working as a graphic designer for a magazine publishing company. I simply hated my job and had problems getting out of bed each morning. I could feel the pains in my stomach while driving to work each day. I recall how frustrated and stressed out I would feel and keep muttering to myself with my teeth clenched tightly “I hate this damn job.”

I even had moments where I wanted to tell my boss what he could shove my job. Fortunately for my boss, I didn’t follow through on that plan and I decided to quit my job and follow a career path that I was passionate about. This was the best decision I made because my stress levels were reduced and I was following a career path that I would enjoy.
If you hate your job with a passion, I suggest you start making plans for a new career path or another job right now. I’m not suggesting that you chuck in your job this instant and queue up in the unemployment line. That would be silly and would create unnecessary stress for you both financially and personally.

Right now, I want you to think about your ideal job and make plans on how you will obtain it. Your ideal job may require you to get additional training such as attending night school. Also think about the people that can help you obtain your desired career.

There are so many people in this world today that are stressed out and hate their work. However, they don’t do a single thing about it. They simply complain and make excuses like “I am too busy” or “I don’t have the time to look for a new job”.

Don’t be like the rest of the population and make lame excuses for yourself. Life is too short for that. By simply following your ideal job or career path, you will minimise stress and increase enjoyment and satisfaction in your work life.