Stress At Work – Always Look On The Bright Side Of Life

Just the other day, I watched the Monty Python comedy “Life of Brian” which was loosely based on the life of Jesus Christ. At the end of the movie, Brian was left on the cross to die with the rest of society’s criminals and rejects. While Brian was dieing on the cross, a reject started to sing the song “Always look on the bright side of life”. This song changed the dark and depressing mood that Brian and the rejects were experiencing, to a mood of fun and happiness.

This movie reminded me that whenever you’re experiencing a stressful problem at work always look on the bright side of that situation. I’m not saying that you should feel happy whenever you made a major mistake at work. What I am saying is to see the stressful problem as a minor thing which can be conquered with a positive and pro-active approach.

Whenever you’re experiencing stressful problems at work, look on the bright side and remember:

1. There is always a solution to a problem.
2. You have a choice to control the outcome of your situation.

In the book “How To Get Rich” author and billionaire real estate developer Donald Trump mentioned how he owed $9.2 billion to 99 banks, after the real estate market had crashed in the late eighties.

Trump’s advisors were telling him to file for bankruptcy. However Trump looked on the bright side and knew he could overcome this problem.

Several years later Trump managed to recover himself out of that awful situation to become a billionaire again. Today Trump is even wealthier than what he was before that crippling situation.

Sure we won’t owe billions, let alone millions, however Trump’s situation teaches us that whenever we experience a stressful problem, remember to look on the bright side and know that you can control the outcome to your situation.