Stress and Diabetes – Not a Good Combination

However your wife, doctor friend relative or the taxi cab driver told you, taking it easy was great advice. Especially if you are a diabetic. I will show you what I mean in a little while. So please calm down and take it easy. I know that sometimes when I hear someone say take it easy I start to get riled up. Let’s put that on the side for now. We will get to it later.

It’s how we act when these situations show up. It is not the situations that make us stressful. For some of us some situations are easy for us to deal with while others get very nervous and tense with those same incidents.

Why it’s bad to have more stress if you are a diabetic?

Having more sugar enter the blood stream is what makes us diabetics in the first place. As we get riled up form some situation some hormones react to the stress and help our bodies allow more sugar into the blood. This extra sugar is needed for energy to deal with the situation. Do the body’s hormones permit the exact amount of sugar needed to combat the situation? I think not. Whatever excess sugar is left in the blood stream from one of these events elevates your blood sugar level. Not good if you are a diabetic.

Being aware of these or similar stressful situations is the first step.

You cannot do anything about these events unless you are aware of them. That is the first step. Make yourself be awar. You can start asking yourself questions like what can you differently when stressful situations stat to come forward. Knowing what some of these stressful situations are for you is key. What may be tense for you may not be tense for others. So know your stressful self.

Now that you are aware of some of your stressful situations what do you do next?

By relaxing you will lessen the levels of stress hormones in your blood. Less hormone action will mean less sugar into your blood. You can accomplish this with muscle relaxation techniques. This will help deal with the diabetes disease.

You may need to practice these new methods for a while until they become natural for you. Keep yourself open to new actions will be part of the relaxation process. Reducing your stress hormones is a key to reduced blood sugar. Stay on course.

Relaxation techniques will help you ease your diabetes. They are a part of a complete diabetes natural solutions care program. Go grab your free e course about creating a all-inclusive diabetes program for yourself.

Handling stress is part of a good diabetic strategy. What we eat is also high on the diabetes disease list of useful tips. The Diabetic Warrior has beat the disease using diet. Get his free MP3.