Street Smart Intuition

Have you ever noticed that there was something off about the energy of a person, place or situation, even though on the surface everything seemed normal? Did you listen to your intuition, or were you swayed by outer appearance? To access greater power in your life, pay attention to the energy. You’ll get a truer read about what’s really going on.

When you’re not resisting things or unconsciously going along with them, you have greater awareness. The harsh environment of life and business becomes easier to navigate. You avoid being in the wrong place at the wrong time.You have a sense who would be good to work with and who will turn out to be a time waster. Serendipitous events can help move you along or move you out of harm’s way. All without being uptight or paranoid. It’s so much easier than resisting and reacting or alligning and agreeing. You’ll still have to deal with difficult people or situations at times, but everything can go a whole lot smoother.

Life becomes clear, dynamic. The more you let go of making anything significant, the more you can be aware of the energy of a person or situation you’re interacting with. You have much more awareness when you aren’t giving importance to form, structure or significance. Or judging it as right or wrong, good or bad. It just is. You can simply ask “Is this an energy that will be expansive for my life or business?” You quickly get to the essence of what will work for you. And then follow the energy that’s expansive.

I was working with a business client the other day and the issue of competition came up. They were concerned that some other businesses they knew would find out their internet marketing secrets. Are your marketing methods really what matters? Or is the value you have to offer and the connection you have with your customers what creates and sustains your business. There will always be the latest marketing whiz bang (not to knock whiz bangs, I use them myself). It’s the energy of caring and generosity that makes your business work. People will pick up on that. Be good at what you’re doing and let the energy flow into and out of your business. Being concerned about your competition is a way to stop the energy. Don’t make them significant. If you have an awareness that you need to take some action. Take it. You don’t have to go into fear and worry. Put your energy into creating something new and dynamic instead.

Being aware means never assuming anything. Always ask questions if you want to create greater possibilities.

“What’s the energy of this situation?”

“What does this person really want?”

“Does that work for me?”

Play with questions like these and see what shows up.

Copyright (C) Richard Atkinson 2007