Strawberry Hemangioma Treatment Tips

Strawberry hemangiomas are the most common tumors of infancy. Strawberry hemangiomas are a type of vascular birthmark. They consist of an abnormally dense group of widened blood vessels. They appear on the surface of the skin. Mostly the colour of strawberry is red. But in few children it is found as blue spongy masses. Most of the children has have only one hemangiomas. Strawberry hemangiomas are bright red soft, raised, squishy birthmarks with sharp borders. They often start as little red dots surrounded by a pale halo before they grow. They are most common on the head, chest, or upper back. Deeper cavernous hemangiomas often appear bluish, and the borders look less distinct. If the hemangioma is deep enough, the overlying skin might look normal.

Most are found on the head or neck. Most hemangiomas grow rapidly, doubling their size, and then plateau for a while before collapsing and disappearing. Strawberry hemangiomas occur in 1% to 3% of infants. 95% of strawberry hemangiomas disappear by the time the child is 9 years old. In rare cases, they interfere with vital organs or are associated with life-threatening complications. Approximately 60% of hemangiomas occur in the head and neck area. About 25% occur in the trunk and 15% occur in the arms or legs. Most hemangiomas grow as a single tumor, while about 20% occur in multiple areas. Hemangiomas may be present anywhere on the body. However, they are most disturbing to parents when they are on the infant’s face or head.

Strawberry hemangiomas on the face should be treated at a young age with a yellow pulsed-dye laser to prevent the often profound psychosocial problems they cause.Cryosurgery is a method of super-freezing tissue in order to destroy it. Laser surgery uses a laser light source to remove diseased tissues or treat bleeding blood vessels. Using medicine is already a good option for treated with Strawberry hemangiomas. Medicine name Corticosteroids can be injected, given by mouth or applied to the skin. Sometimes long-term or repeated treatment is needed. The laser may also be used for cosmetic purposes, including removal of wrinkles, tattoos, or birthmarks. Alpha Interferon therapy is limited to the most severe and potentially life threatening hemangiomas.

Strawberry Hemangioma Treatment Tips

1. Long-term or repeated treatment is needed.

2. Corticosteroids is effective treatment against strawberry hemangioma.

3. Cryosurgery is a method of super-freezing tissue in order to destroy it.

4. Alpha Interferon therapy is also helpful treatment strawberry hemangioma.