Strains and Sprains – Prevention and Physical Therapy

Strains and sprains are quite different and commonly confused with each other. It is very important for all who are highly active, to know the difference. Both are sports injuries, but they affect different parts of the body. A strain affects the muscles and tendons tissues. Tendons tissues attach the muscle to the bone. A sprain affects the ligament fibrous tissues that connect the bones together in a joint.

Strains and sprains are commonly found among athletes so they should find some ways to prevent strain and sprain from their frequent occurrence. Practice proper prevention is the best way to treat a strain or a sprain.

There are few natural cures to prevent strains and sprains from occurring.

– Practice a conditioning program is very good natural cure for preventing strain and sprain. This is meant to build muscles. Strong muscles get strained less and prevent from the rolling and twisting of joints that can cause sprains.
– Always wear proper shoes. Shoes should be fitted properly and have good support, especially in the foot arch and ankle.
– Warm up before any physical activity. Warm up help muscles and joints to get injured less.
– Always use the right equipments for the sport. Using protective equipment that fits well and is designed for that sport will ensure that strain and sprain are going to occur less.
– Stretching is an effective exercise for preventing strain and sprain.
– A well balanced diet – It keeps muscles and bones strong.

If strains and sprains do occur the advice of a physician is the best treatment for injury.

Physical therapy is very easy and safe natural cure for strain and sprain. Physical therapists will suggest various massage techniques and modalities to reduce inflammation. Physical therapy techniques are used to retrain the proper muscle firing patterns and restore normal joint mechanics.

Disclaimer: This article is not meant to provide health advice and is for general information only. Always seek the insights of a qualified health professional before embarking on any health program.