Straightening Hair with a Clothing Iron

In older generations it was traditionally believed that having long flowing curls was the best hairstyle. With the changing cultural believes and ideals, this changed drastically in the 1960’s. Long, straight hair was extremely popular with models, singer celebrities, and other icons in the media. This centralized trend spread by going on to provoke a hair straightening impulse for the younger generation.

Using an anti-permanent was a way to straightened hair, but it was eventually being abandoned by girls who found them expensive or generally too painful and difficult. Soon these girls who were looking to tame their curly hair, began to execute a much easier process of straightening. These women began using clothes irons to get the straightness they wanted. Even though ironing their hair had to be repeated with each washing, it was much easier than an anti-permanent.

These women would sit down eye level with the ironing board and have a friend or relative run a clothes iron over their hair slowly. This process would take a few minutes, but achieved the desired results! It seemed like a new era, but rather quickly these women were finding their hair become brittle, dry and heat damaged. Ironing the hair became a short lived rebellious activity of young adults.

Fears of mistreating your hair through this ritual of ironing hair came to the surface rather quickly. There were horrid reports of women burning themselves and having their hair break from the heat damage. Even though these reports came out, some of the women in the 60’s were determined to have straight hair no matter what the means. This tradition went on for quite a few years. Today, manufacturers have answered the call of those women from several decades ago and make straighteners that are more friendly to your hair. Even though these women literally burned their hair to achieve straight locks it is now an acceptable hairstyle. The hair straighteners of today have safeguards to help prevent heat damage, but you still have to use caution when using them.

Never try using a clothes iron on your hair even if your hair straightener happens to break suddenly. You can burn your face, arms, and hair which may cause scaring or irreparable damage. The metal on the bottom of an iron is not suitable for hair, so do not think to use it even in the case of an emergency date or get together.