Straight Stair Lifts

Usually, straight stair lifts will be used in those homes where the stairs do not have either a bend or curve to them. Instead these stairs will travel only along a straight track and most commonly you will find that such stair lifts are used as an external way for a person to gain access to their home from outside.

Although most straight stair lift are installed in homes in order to carry either disabled or elderly people up a straight flight of stairs, they can also be used for other purposes as well. Some people have them installed in order that they can carry heavy loads (say groceries or luggage) up stairs instead.

Often the stair lifts now available will come with a remote control system which means that the chair can then be taken to any floor so it is extremely convenient for those who require a way from getting from one area of their homes to another.

However before any stair lift whether it be straight or curved is installed in a person’s home, the stair lift manufacturer will need to carry out an assessment of the person’s home. During this assessment the manufacturer will be able to determine whether a straight or curved stair lift is the best one to be installed.

If for example your stairs are straight but once you get to the top you find that there is a projection to them then the manufacturer may decide that installing a straight stair lift is not a viable option. This is even more important if the person is looking to have a stair lift installed which will need to carry the weight of a wheelchair along with a person.

But if you are looking for a stair lift that can be installed quickly then a straight model is the best option as well as being the cheapest. The other factor that the manufacturer takes into consideration when deciding when to install straight stair lifts in to a person’s home is how much track is needed. The more track that is required then the less likely a straight stair lift will be the best option for a person to have installed.

If you are really serious about having straight stair lifts installed in your home, then you should obtain quotations from several different manufacturers before you may your final decision. Also you may look at purchasing a second hand or used stair lift rather than buying a new one which can turn out to be a very expensive investment indeed.