Storage and Cleaning Solutions for your Conservatory

Conservatories are beautiful, open spaces. However, everyday life can get in the way, especially in the shape of clutter and untidiness. This can mean you end up with an often unclean and messy conservatory.

Fortunately, there are numerous things that can be done to create a clear and tidy area.

As conservatories are mostly made up of glass, adding additional glass items can really help win the battle against clutter. We’re not talking about modern furniture. For example if you want to keep a classic style, but add some storage space – why not use a glass fronted dresser full of plates and crockery, to create a tidy, but unobtrusive storage piece?

Making the most of the conservatory corners will ensure that you are utilising the least used areas of the whole room. Use them to store garden equipment, pots and other such items. This keeps them tidy, but also means they are easily at hand should you need to pick them up.

There’s also some great furniture out there with handy storage facilities underneath. By purchasing your garden furniture wisely, you can kill two birds with one stone. Garden furniture that has storage facilities underneath provides a brilliant alternative to chunkier storage solution choices and so takes up less of your precious conservatory space.

The best way to clean a conservatory can depend on a number of factors, but ensuring the glass is kept spotless is often the number one concern for conservatory owners.

Glass can be cleaned with anything from specialist products to vinegar and old newspaper. However, clean glass is a necessity for a clean looking conservatory as it’s used as both the walls and windows. Fortunately, a quick clean can have some great effects on the lighting and feel good factor of a conservatory.

Floor surfaces should be cleaned in the usual way, as should other work surfaces and furniture.

The maintenance of the outside of the conservatory depends on what it’s made of. However, not cleaning means your conservatory is subject to corrosion and stains. The inside should also be cleaned as stains are often more prevalent as air-flow is relatively restricted. Conservatories within homes where people smoke are known to have stained frames – so clean them regularly to prevent such issues.

Cleaning the framework of PVC conservatories is very important, as algae can attack it and leave a long term mark. Cleaning it at the start of the spring and end of the autumn is probably best for keeping it in the best condition. The roof should also be cleaned, especially as it’s most susceptible to the beating of the weather and can become covered in dirt, which could also effect the amount of light let into the room.

Gutters also need to be cleaned as these can really limit drainage. They would also encourage the growth of algae and moss, so any blockages must be avoided.

By following this advice, you shouldn’t have any issues with the cleanliness and upkeep of your conservatory.