Stop Talking About Other People! – Spirituality Information

Why is everyone not talking about you? Why is the world not interested in what you are doing? Why are you not being interviewed by the media like all the other famous personalities?” Four years back my ten year old nephew asked me this question. He was desperate to see me getting popular.

“I don’t care about the world ! ” I said. I lied. I did want to get popular. I did want to get interviewed. I wanted people to talk about me. But the fact was i was not doing anything interesting to be written about….

I was spending my precious talking about other famous personalities, about every other external event in the world. I was spending hours reading newspapers,surfing websites and had an opinion about every other person and event. I only thought about my goals and ambitions once a week !

However, I used to go to the temple daily and pray to God to fulfill my wishes.That day four years back when i went to the temple… I was in for a surprise. A clear,soft and powerful voice spoke to me and i have since then religiously followed every bit of it. Here is what i heard….

“Stop talking about other people.” The voice was stern. It was as if God was whacking me.” Your life is more precious than your opinion about the world. You have a dream, a goal and you have to nourish it,water it and take care of them very deligently. You have to grow a beautiful garden filled with the choicest of flowers in your mind. You have been given a great responsibility and you are accountable to me and not to anyone else… If you can do this all your wishes will be fulfilled. This would be your greatest gift to me. ” The voice went on …..

I fulfill most of the wishes of the people. If they want a dream house, a beautiful car, a lovely wife, a nice husband, wonderful children… I bless them and grant them everything in due course of time. All these people want an increase in their standard of living and i fulfill their wishes. But there are very few people who are close to my heart. They come here to increase their quality of life. They know that an increase in the standard of living has nothing to do with the increase in the quality of their life.To these people I reveal all the hidden secrets of life… These people do not ask for anything .. They come here to pray and they want Me to set their goals, their ambitions, their plans. They want Me to enter into their mind and body and willingly i do… because they are committed to living a quality life and not so much bothered about the increase in their standard of living…. These people eventually end up many times richer than those who ask… Such are the ways of life my dear child… I am happy to give you a car, a house, and all that which you desire but I am more happy to grant you My vision, My dream of your role in this life….. ”

I nailed those words in my mind from that point on ….. I worked on myself , in increasing the quality of my life. I became a serious student of life. I paid attention to every small thing i was doing.. The thoughts i was thinking, the language i was using, the words i was speaking, the articles i was reading, the channels i was watching, the food i was eating and slowly but surely i corrected each of them. The way i did it was I asked myself :

” Is there a better choice of words i can use ….

” Can i think about something more powerful than the thoughts that are coming to me…