Stop Punishing Yourself

Some people are really hard on themselves. This is fine so long as the outcome is productive. In most cases, however, the effect of being tough on oneself is rather more negative, in that it may lower ones confidence and de-motivate at the same time. A select few respond well to unduly tough self examination, and find that it motivates them to greater levels of creativity and productivity, but this will be because their tough approach taps into something more positive.

I think the simplest way in which to explain why this negative spiral is the norm is to examine the effect of one’s thoughts. If you think of negative thoughts as transmitting a negative energy then you will appreciate that this energy is one which restricts and pulls one backwards; positive thoughts, in contrast, transmit a positive energy which is expansive and propels one forwards.

Being tough on yourself will generally transmit negative energy which is thus more likely to pull you to the ground than it is to create empowering “wind beneath your wings”. On an odd occasion a really tough blast of negative energy will aggravate and frustrate you enough to motivate you to rise to the occasion, but this will tend to be the exception as opposed to the rule.

I find that it helps to think of these energies in a more visual manner. I definitely feel negative energy as a thick, black, fog-like cloud which all but has chains which it can whip around your ankles and thereby sweep your feet from beneath you. Negative energy has the ability to derail you.

Positive energy, by contrast, is light and sparkling; it twinkles and shines like a full moon which lights up the landscape, or a beautiful star which you can use to not only see where you are but also to plot your course safely into the future. Positive and negative are, to me, light versus dark, empowering versus restricting, good versus bad, rich versus poor and love versus hate.

What is absolutely wonderful is that every human being has the power to choose their own thoughts. We don’t have to think negative, restrictive, poor or hateful thoughts. No matter what is happening in the world around us we can think about anything we wish to in exactly the manner that we may wish.

Sometimes, though, we may find it challenging to respond to events in a positive, light and sparkling manner. When this happens we may need to dig deep within our minds to find a hook to which we can cast a rope and haul ourselves back upwards. Hypnosis is one such hook, and probably the strongest hook of all.

Hypnosis allows access to your subconscious mind which is the part of your mind which acts automatically and spontaneously. If you find that your natural instinct is to be tough on yourself, then hypnosis will allow you to access the part of your mind where this natural reaction is triggered. With hypnosis you can retrain your mind to me more naturally positive and more motivating.

You can learn to stop punishing yourself and be more positive simply by enlisting the help of hypnosis.

Roseanna Leaton, specialist in hypnotherapy mp3s for happiness and well-being.

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