Stop Procrastinating And Do It Now

Are you fed up with making excuses and putting things off from one day to the next, only to find the same jobs waiting for you yet again in the morning? I heard someone saying the other day that excuses are like golf strokes; the fewer the better.

Being a golfer myself, this analogy held immediate appeal for me. In fact, I began to wonder if the sense of frustration which can accumulate might even be similar.

Golf can be an extremely frustrating game; you can play a couple of great shots and then suddenly wham! Out of the blue this strange shot just pops out and you end up taking three more shots just to get to the green and top the hole off by three putting. Now that is really frustrating. And every golfer has had a similar experience at least once.

In these circumstances, it’s easy to get frustrated. I wish I had a dollar for every time I have heard a golfer muttering about this sort of thing underneath their breath! But the very act of getting frustrated makes your game a whole lot worse. Good golf thrives upon a calm, relaxed and rhythmic mindset; Bad golf feeds upon tension and frustration.

Golf teaches you many lessons about life in general. Good feelings in life as a whole also tend to thrive upon a calm and relaxed mindset, whilst bad feelings feed upon frustration. So why would you persist in procrastinating if you know that it will inevitably lead to frustration?

Chronic procrastinators are not generally the happiest of people. They wear an aura of tension, which can be uncomfortable to the onlooker, let alone for the person who is wrapped inside that particular cloak. Procrastination creates tension and also leads to havoc in both the personal and professional arena. Nothing gets done when it’s meant to be done; at best, everything is left to the very last minute, which creates tension for everyone in your environment.

Why procrastinate when you know that this is the result? Some say the cause is laziness, although I would tend to disagree. A lack of confidence often plays a big part in this particular scenario. A fear of the outcome is often enough to stop a person from getting started. A fear of what people might think, of making a fool of yourself might be holding you back. A lack of trust in your own ability may also be evident, if you were to dig a little deeper into the depths of your own mind.

A lack of confidence may lie beneath many a situation where motivation is lacking. But over time procrastination can become so habitual that you are almost unaware of why this frustrating habit became a part of your natural and instinctive behavioral tendencies. Procrastination tends to be habitual.

To stop procrastinating, therefore, one needs to access the part of your mind where habits are stored. The subconscious mind is the part in question. How do you access this part of your mind? Hypnosis is the answer. With hypnosis you access your subconscious mind which makes it possible for you to change habits. You can learn to stop procrastinating with the help of a hypnotherapy download.

Roseanna Leaton, specialist in hypnotherapy downloads for health, success and well-being.

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