Stop Facial Blushing Today

If you’re looking to stop facial blushing but you’re unsure if it’s even possible at all, then this article will help you overcome the facial blushing attacks you are currently experiencing and will give you a great idea of how to put yourself on the path to recovery.

You see, facial blushing is a tricky symptom. It’s not tricky to notice that’s for sure…but it is tricky to understand the triggers.

As with anything in life, if we are aiming to resolve something we must first understand it in its entirety. To stop facial blushing, you must understand that there may be any number of elements contributing towards your attacks.

The first step to take is to document your condition.

This will take discipline and consistency. You will need to make sure that you record any facial blushing occurrences either as they happen or as soon as possible afterwards. You should do this for a few weeks so that you have enough data to really evaluate patterns.

So what should you record?

Basically you need to write down what time it happened, what foods or drink you had consumed prior to the attack, who you were with and what thoughts might have consumed your mind prior to the facial blushing episode. It would be wise to note anything else that might be memorable leading up to the attack for extra reference when you need it later on…

Next you should learn to relax.

Now, this doesn’t mean just whilst experiencing the blush, but how to relax your entire consciousness to a consistent level of calm.

This may sound a little far out for many people, but I know this to be possible. Believe me, I am not a well relaxed person that’s for sure. Furthermore, self therapy was never something I firmly believed in. However, it is possible to train your entire mind to relax so regularly in your spare time that you will physically find it hard to reach the previous levels of agitation as you did before.

Call it lowering the bar, whatever… it works.

So to relax, you should find a quiet room in your spare time. You should either use some relaxing music without any lyrics or sudden jumps in dynamics…or simply settle for perfect silence. Whilst gently closing your eyes, you should listen to the slowing sound of your own breathing.

Allow all thoughts of any kind to slowly leave your head until you hear nothing but your own breath and/or the gentle music which surrounds you.

This may take time until it settles into your subconsciousness, but I can assure you that if you do this relaxation technique every evening for a few weeks, you should find that your entire body and mind begins to operate on a calmer level…think of it as mind training the mind.

Once your mind is able to administer calmness on a regular basis, it will be far easier for you to feel relaxed during a facial blushing moment.

Once you begin to evaluate the data of when, why and where your facial blushing occurred, you have managed to step so much closer towards the solution. Remember, every person is different and you need to know how to apply certain changes to your life, based on the triggers that cause your facial blushing in the first place.