Stop Complaining About It!

How many “complainers” are employed where you work? I’ll bet you know more than one. Over the years, I have worked for a number of different companies in a number of different fields. I’ve observed, as I’m sure you have too, that a lot of complaining goes on at the work place.

After the workday is finally over, do those complainers stop complaining? Absolutely not! By quitting time, they are on a roll, and they just continue to complain.

Over an extended period of complaining, maybe a year or two, do the circumstances and conditions of the complainers get any better? Has all that complaining brought them any positive results? No. They still have a lot to complain about. And that’s my point.

People many times fail to recognize how detrimental complaining really is. As a matter of fact, it is a formula for failure, or at best, a formula for a very unsuccessful and unrewarding life.

Most people who are complainers feel that if they don’t voice their displeasure with current circumstances and conditions then they are just settling and accepting the life that they have. They view their complaining as fighting back verbally. If they were to remain silent, then that would be just accepting life the way it is.

Enjoying something does not necessarily mean that you have just settled for the way things are and are now trying to just make the best of it. You might have a goal of moving into a bigger house someday, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy the house you are living in now. Enjoying the house you live in today does not necessarily mean that you are just settling.

Those who consistently complain not only miss out on the joy of living life today, but by their complaining they are actually determining that their current circumstances will never change for the better.

Why? Think about it. Where is the mental focus of a complainer? The focus is on what is wrong with life and what isn’t wanted in life. What you continue to focus on is what you will continue to have in your life. Complaining simply reinforces your current situation to your mind because that’s your focus.

What you focus on is what you will bring into your life. What you continue to dwell on you will continue to attract into your life. There are no exceptions, even for people who feel sorry for themselves.

Years ago, there was someone who worked at the same place that I did. This gentleman complained a lot, every single day. He complained about his superiors; he complained about the hours he worked; he complained about how people were taking advantage of him, and he especially complained a lot about his salary.

A couple of times I tried to talk with him and I encouraged him to sit down with management and discuss his salary. “Oh, no”, he replied. “They should recognize my ability and value; they should come to me! I shouldn’t have to go to them.”

Needless to say, he never got a raise. And, not surprisingly, he eventually quit in discouragement. Quite frankly, it was a relief to those he worked with when he left. They didn’t have to hear him complain every single day anymore.

I don’t know where the gentleman is today or what he is doing. But I do know that if he hasn’t changed his way of thinking, he is either in the same predicament, or even worse.

Complaining simply reinforces to your mind that which you do not want in your life. You are consistently telling your mind, “Look at this! Focus on this! Think about this!” And what you choose to focus on in your mind will determine the results that you manifest in your life.

You really can have the desires of your heart. Why not stop complaining, and start focusing on your desires? And, while you anticipate those desires coming, enjoy the life you have to live now. Make a habit out of being grateful for what you have and enjoying your life to the fullest each day.

The choice of what to think about is always yours. Choose carefully, because this choice determines what you will receive.