Stinky Feet

Stinky feet are a problem that many of us have to face daily. In spite of all of the precautions that we take in our lives we still end up with stinky feet. So what causes stinky feet and what can we do to get rid of this smelly problem?

The first thing that you need to do is to understand what causes stinky feet. As our feet have to take the entire brunt of all of our daily activities like walking or running they need to stay soft and supple. The sweat glands on the feet provide this moisture by producing more sweat than is needed elsewhere on the body. This amount of sweat is very necessary, without any sweat on the feet they would dry out very rapidly.

At this point you are probably thinking that having no sweaty feet is a good idea. However when you understand that without some sweat on our feet they become dry and cracked, and walking itself is extremely painful then you may have no problems with slightly sweaty feet.

The problem of stinky feet comes when the sweat on our feet becomes excessive because the “water” has no place to evaporate from. The sweat in our socks and shoes becomes a home and breeding ground for bacteria. These bacteria produce an acid called Isovaleric acid. It is this acidic bacteria that produces stinky feet.

There are some things that we can do to stop stinky feet. These are all simple methods that should work. Should you feel that these measures aren’t working at stopping stinky feet then you will need to consult a foot doctor.

The preventative measures include giving your feet a thorough cleansing. Use a mild soap and get rid of all of the day’s dirt especially from between your toes. Afterwards dry the feet completely, don’t forget the toe areas. You can then rub some talcum powder into your feet. The talcum powder will absorb the excess moisture. Remember the excess moisture is what can cause stinky feet.

Any shoes that you intend to wear must let your feet breathe. The best types of shoes for this business are leather shoes and open toed shoes. However if you do need to wear covered shoes then try to wear cotton or wool socks as these will absorb the moisture from your feet so that you won’t get stinky feet.

Any time that you can sit down and remove your shoes to let them stretch and breathe is one less reason for stinky feet. So basically we get stinky feet because our feet simply can’t breathe and the bacteria gets a chance to become at home in our socks and create the acid that is stinky feet. So remember to let your feet breathe properly.