Steroid Purity Testing

Q: Someone I know mentioned that they got their UG gear tested and I wanted to do the same. Can you tell me where I can get UG gear tested to determine how close it may be to the actual mg doses stated?

A: There is such a place. You’ll want to remain anonymous, of course, and the way that you do that is by way of a money order and creating a free email address with none of your information accurately portrayed in the information you must list in order to get it. The website you should go to is:

This lab is equipped to do just such testing – though we’re sure there are others – and can help you out if you are wondering about potency stated. Another good way, and we’re not being sarcastic, since you already purchased it, is to just use it and see if it works. I know it sounds archaic, but that’s the truth – if it works what does it matter? So unless you have some suspicion or reason to believe that it will not match, then why spend the money and take the risk? Anyhow, if you do decide to send some off, they will need at least 1g of material. We suggest sending some pre-made gear rather than the pure hormone. They test everything but IGF1 and rHGH – powders, pills, esters, and mixed blends. The cost: $110 to $250.


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