Steps on Connecting a Pocket PC to Your Computer

There will be times that you have to connect to your personal computer to update or download and upload files. Occasionally, your notebook or desktop computer will serve as the power source to be able to charge your battery in your Pocket PC. Connection to your personal computer is also crucial for the synchronization of changes or update that you have made via your Pocket PC.

In this activity, you’ll just need your Pocket PC, your personal computer and a specialized cable wire that is included when you bought your Pocket PC. Oh yes, and a whole lot of patience because a task like this sometimes need sufficient self-esteem.

Before plugging anything into the cradles or ports, be sure that you have the appropriate tools first. You have to be familiar with the user guide or the manual for your Pocket PC. This in this way, you’ll become more acquainted with the important matters regarding your Pocket PC connections and specifications.

Organize the different accessories and parts which include the USB cradle and connector cable, AC adapter, and finally, the software installation CD. You need all of these just in case something comes up.

Place the software installation CD in you personal computer’s CD-ROM drive. This is the first step to be able to connect your Pocket PC in your computer. Follow these instructions clearly so that you won’t encounter any kind of problem while doing your processing.

Upon entering the CD, locate the link wherein it will show you how to install the Pocket PC software in your desktop. To help you through the entire process, an installation wizard will pop up. In some cases, you may have to restart your computer to be able to complete installation. This usually happens when your desktop computer differs from its operating system.

Plug your USB cradle into your USB port to be able to connect your Pocket PC in your computer. Next, plug the compatible end of the AC adapter in the slot of the USB cradle and one correct end of into the electrical outlet found in the wall.

Once you have done this, place your Pocket PC in the USB cradle. You can now start charging your Pocket PC’s main battery or either synchronizes it into your personal computer. Aside from charging, you can start uploading and downloading files to or fro.

Other Pocket PCs came in with Bluetooth. Connecting to a Bluetooth-enable computer is possible if your Pocket PC is capable for Bluetooth.

Once you have set up a connection between your personal computer and Pocket PC, you can have the opportunity to perform various commands and process through and infrared sensor. This only applies if both your personal computer and Pocket PC is enabled with infrared. Always read your user’s guide to become more familiar with the environment of connecting and synchronizing.

If you’re having problems with opening the installation wizard, click “start”. Select the “run” and then click on the “browse” button to be able to locate the CD-ROM drive. Choose the exe. file to start the software installation process.

Pins are considered as very fragile and sensitive. Therefore, it is a must that the contracts are properly aligned before securing your Pocket PC by pushing it down to the USB cradle.