Step into Your Greatness. . . Where Playing Small is No Longer an Option™

Step into Your Greatness. . . where playing small is no longer an option™ is my brand, my tag line and an invitation all in one. This single line creates remarkable (but not surprising) responses. They are usually of the “I want that!” variety, or they express wistfulness and a lack of belief in the possibility of it.

People recognize and relate to playing small much more than they do to greatness. Playing small is a habit, and one that not a single one of us really wants to continue.

Playing Small is Unnatural.

We play small, plain and simply, because of fear and self-doubt. We play small because we have forgotten who we are.

You Are Powerful and Magnificent, You Are Designed for Greatness

Each one of you is designed for greatness by virtue of your Spiritual DNA and the unique tapestry of gifts, talents, dreams, desires and other qualities that make you YOU.

Greatness is the authentic expression of that unique tapestry of YOU. Greatness is very simple – it is being fully who you are and doing what comes naturally.

In other words, Greatness is being your authentic self. This is a powerful and delicious place to be. In fact it’s the only natural place to be.

There are several key steps to greatness. Let’s start with the first: Decide in favor of your greatness – make a decision to be your authentic self, no matter what. It is a gigantic “Yes!” to yourself.

This is the most important decision you’ll ever make and will guide all future decisions. Great leaders and other successful individuals make decisions quickly and stick with them, unless there is a very good reason to change course somewhere down the road.

Imagine making a decision to be true to you, to be your authentic self, no matter what. The Universe and your Higher Self will be so thrilled they will lay down a plush red carpet for you to walk on through life, and they will guide you every next step of the way.

Most people want a guarantee of “safety first” because of fear and self-doubt picked up along the way. In addition to safety, we want permission to be ourselves.

Waiting for safety and permission from somewhere outside ourselves never works, because no one can give that to us. If they did, we wouldn’t trust it anyway. Deep down we know that it has to come from inside.

Ultimately, being inauthentic and playing small are one and the same and increase the fear and self-doubt. Every time you are true to YOU, your self-confidence and inner freedom grow. Every time you are true to YOU, you have made a decision in favor or your greatness.

The one key behavior and touchstone of greatness is Taking the High Road. So take the High Road, whether anyone is looking, OR NOT. Take the high road with yourself, and with everyone, every decision and everything you come in contact with.

Greatness is easy and empowering – it is playing small that is hard. Each time you take the high road, you are increasing your personal power. As you build your greatness muscles struggle melts away, joy and ease become your steady companions and you naturally become a force for good.

When you step into your greatness, everyone around you and beyond you benefits. Shakespeare wisely wrote, “This above all: to thine own self be true. And it must follow, as the night the day. Thou canst not then be false to any (one).”

“Step into Your Greatness. . . where playing small is no longer an option™” Say “Yes!”