Step by Step Ways to Stop Home Foreclosure

Stop foreclosure without loosing your home. If you are in danger of losing your property due to non-payment of mortgage, you need to start right now to stop home foreclosure. Taking the steps necessary to stop home foreclosure is not that hard. All you really need to stop home foreclosure is some know-how and the determination to keep your house. Since you likely are already determined to hold onto your house let get in to some steps you can take now to save your house.

Step #1 to Stop Home Foreclosure: Assess

The number one mistake many homeowners make when facing foreclosure is denial. Many homeowners do not stop home foreclosure simply because they are too embarrassed or upset to look at foreclosure directly. They would prefer to ignore collection calls and letters rather than face the music. If you avoid this one issue, you can often stop home foreclosure quite simply.

As soon as you realize you may have problems paying your home loan for a month or two, contact your lender and work out a payment schedule or solution. Depending on your situation, the lender may give you more time to pay, may work out a payment schedule so you can stop home foreclosure, or may buy the home from you in exchange for forgiving the loan. The fact is, the lender only wants to get the money owed to them. Keeping the lines of communication open between you and the lender can help ensure that you stop home foreclosure, simply because the lender will be reassured that you are responsible about your financial problems. If you stop home foreclosure by working out a solution with your lender, you will get peace of mind as well as a still-decent credit rating.

Step # 2 to stop home foreclosure: Alternate financing

Many home owners face foreclosure simply because they cannot afford their home loan. In some cases, this is because the home loan is too large for their income. In other cases, it is simply because an event – sudden illness or loss of job, for example – have left them unable to pay. Fortunately, if your home loan bills are simply too high, there are several things you can do to stop home foreclosure:

• Refinance with your lender. Your lender may be willing to refinance your current loan, giving you a longer term and smaller monthly payments so that you can afford your payments.
• Find a passive income. Renting part of your home or finding another way to make money in excess of your regular income can help you make your mortgage payments on time and stop home foreclosure.
• Liquidate assets. Selling your property or other assets can help you pay off your debts and arrears, stop home foreclosure, and get back on track financially.
• Find refinancing from other lenders. There are many lenders out there competing for your business. Some may be willing to offer you refinancing on your home loan. Even though you will pay more long-term by stretching out your home loan, you can stop home foreclosure by making your payments affordable again.

Step #3 to stop home foreclosure: Find alternate ways to stop home foreclosure

If you face a serious situation and you are not unable to pay your mortgage in the long term, refinancing nor talking to a lender may help much. In such a situation, you may need to bring in third party investors to stop home foreclosure. By offering your home for sale in pre-foreclosure, you can often make some money, preserve your credit rating, keep your home equity, and stop home foreclosure as well. In some cases, you can even keep your home. If you cannot pay your mortgage, then letting go of the home as early as possible may be your best solution. You can always buy more affordable foreclosure homes later on.