Staying Fit For Golf In The Spring

I just glanced at a fun golf poll out of sheer curiosity and was absolutely horrified at the answers. I got sent a link to new girls golf online magazine, GottaGoGolf, and got hooked by the following question: –

What’s your plan to be ready to tee off in 2011? (Ok so now it is 2012.)

Now, there are a whole load of possible answers to this one, and some of us are keener golfers than others, which also affects the way in which we might respond. The choices of response cover the fact that you’ve been keeping physically fit, you’ve always got your clubs in the trunk, you got new clubs for Christmas, you’ve been going to the range and chipping every day, you’ve been reading every golf tip and book that you can find, and so on.

Which answer from these would you choose? I went straight to the mental aspect and clicked on that one; reading all the tips and books I could find. Then I took a quick peek at the results. Only 4.3 percent of voters had chosen that option. And yet we are constantly (and correctly) told that 90% of good golf is played in your mind and it’s just such an easy thing to do during the winter months.

Needless to say, the keeping fit and practicing chipping options were as always higher up on the list of priorities in this poll. I am constantly amazed by the high quality of golf which is played by the lady golfers who I come into contact with. They can shape the ball, change the trajectory and have a whole host of shots around the green. They regularly sink ten footers. They are really good golfers.

These lady golfers do in the main have stunningly good ability. They go to the range, they have lessons, and they really work at these mechanical aspects of their games. Not only that, the majority are really fit. They go to the gym regularly and do Pilates or yoga for core fitness and flexibility. They eat healthily.

And so I always find it hard to figure out why they are, in the main, so less aware about the mental aspects of golf. The answer which some provide is that they do know that the mental golf game is important but they don’t find it as much fun to work on as going out and hitting balls.

Another barrier seems to be that many golfers don’t really think that they can change the ways in which they think. They kind of think they are stuck with how they think. Girls (and guys too), this is a complete myth!

And then other golfers think that they don’t have time to work on their mental game as well as their physical game. Once again, I have to say that this too is a myth. What’s time consuming about visualizing a perfect shot over and over in your mind as you’re drifting off to sleep? Your mind at that time will be thinking about something, so why not direct it to massively improve your golf game?

That time between wake and sleep is such a very productive time and could be utilized so easily. Your mental state automatically drifts to a different level, just as it does in hypnosis. It’s very easy when in that state to visualize with greater clarity so that it has way more impact and long term affect.

Golf’s mental game is too often ignored for no good reason. Those golfers who are at the top of their game know that your mind is just as important as your mechanics and they pay equal attention to both. If you want to improve your game, the easiest and quickest way in which to do so is to work on your golf mind.

Roseanna Leaton, avid golfer and specialist in golf hypnosis mp3s and author of the GolferWithin golf mind training system.

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