Staying Connected

The number one question I receive is: “How do I say connected in my everyday life?” There is this falsity about living a spiritual life and that is once you learn something, you simply embody it.

It’s Not Me – It’s Them

Staying connected in everyday life is a practice. It requires you to be aware and conscious of when you are unconnected and then having the strength to make a new choice. I want to make it clear that you aren’t weak if you make a choice based on pattern and programming. It just takes an amount of courage to leap out into the unknown. And sometimes it takes more than one leap.

What gets most of us off our game is the interaction with other humans. I think every spiritual person I know has thought at one moment in time, “I think I just might go and live on an island alone.” And, it would be kind of a no-brainer to feel connected to the Divine on Gilligan’s Island (minus Gilligan, of course).

And yet, we have come here to experience our Divine expression more profoundly in a tangible way. So it would make sense that “others” would help us achieve that. We spend most of our time blaming the other guy when it is our opportunity to reconnect and express the Divine in a deeper way. I was once told by a friend of mine, “Jennifer, if you believe that you are whole and complete, then you must believe and treat everyone else like they are whole and complete.” If I spent my life noticing where I felt and acted incomplete and making the choice to feel complete and treating everyone as if they are whole and complete, it would be an opus of spiritual awareness.

So what’s the solution? It is to practice feeling and being connected 24/7. And be grateful for those individuals that are stretching your connectivity. Most of us don’t like the answer because it doesn’t result in instant gratification.

The Game of Connection

Humans like strategy, to-do lists and a game plan. Even the most renegade of us is operating from an agenda. So what is the approach to stay connected in every moment of your life (or at least practice moving back to connection)? Well, I can provide you with parts of that method and the key is to tweak it so it fits your Soul Languages, your lifestyle, and your intention of living a spiritual life.
Create a morning sacred practice!

There are several components of sacred practice.
• Connection – This is about connecting to yourself and the Divine. You can do this via your Soul Language Team, meditation, or just set aside some one-on-one time for you to listen to the Divine.
• Conversation – This is all about asking and receiving answers. You can do this in that connection time, by journaling, or using any Divination tool.
• Commitment – This is about you dedicating yourself to listening, reflection, awareness and transformation.
• Embodiment (It kind of annoys me that it doesn’t start with a C, but I have given up on arguing with the Divine) – When you embody your transformation, you create transcendence. You have changed your cellular memory, and you are allowing all that Source energy to flow through every part of your being (and this will spill over into every part of your life).

Create a statement of remembrance

First, you get to know the reason why you let go of knowing that you are connected. What you will find out that there is a theme. Some big themes are: not enough, fear of not being safe, feelings of not being heard, fear of expressing your truth, abandonment, etc.

You will notice that when you are feeling disconnected you are in this big theme. So a statement of remembrance allows you to get back to the truth that you are connected, whole and complete, one with the Divine, etc.

Your statement of remembrance starts with a belief and something that you know to be true, deep down inside that no one can take away. We will call this your power belief. And if you look at your life, you will see proof of this truth. Some power beliefs are: I’m full of strength or courage. I know that the Divine loves me. I know that the Divine has supported me, etc.

To complete the statement of remembrance, we are going to use the powerful statement of I AM and I ACCEPT. In this statement, you also want to acknowledge that the Divine is creating for you in ways that you are unaware of. We do this by including seen and unseen. Some examples are below.

So it looks like this: I AM and I ACCEPT my power belief in ways that are seen and unseen.
I AM and I ACCEPT that the Divine has my back in ways that are seen and unseen.
I AM and I ACCEPT that I am strong and the Divine is creating for me in ways that are seen and unseen.
I AM and I ACCEPT that I’m whole and complete in ways that are seen and unseen.
I AM and I ACCEPT that I’m full of love in ways that are seen and unseen.

Take Time During The Day To Connect

If you pause throughout your day to connect – either by tuning into your heart or connecting to your Soul via your Soul Language Team – what you will find is that you start to not sweat the small stuff.
Another way to keep connecting throughout the day is to start to say thank you for those conflicts and challenges in your day (and I know this one is a tough one). This allows you to notice and respond to how any situation is allowing you to understand where you feel disconnected and make the choice to create a deeper connection with yourself and your higher power.

And I suggest you end the day with a gratitude practice. Start to be willing to see the grace in every part of your day. Then, each day isn’t about conflict or stress. It is about seeing the Divine in everything.

It’s Your Life

Sometimes we forget that it is our life and our creative force. Some practical things that help you feel connected are saying yes when you really mean yes and taking time to care for yourself.

You might start each day with setting your intention on how you want to utilize the energy of the Divine and be open to discovery.