As the winter season approaches, the early mornings are getting chilly in Brisbane. With temperatures setting new records throughout Australia each year, residents would benefit from air conditioners having both heating and cooling systems at their homes. Being in a region with a mostly tropical climate, the air conditioning in Brisbane Northside would work efficiently with winter heating at 17-20 C during the winters, especially due to high humidity.

The new smart air conditioning technology and services provided by local aircon experts like Airmark Conditioning enable residents to enjoy any climate with ultimate control over temperature settings, air quality and cost-savings.

 How Do Air Conditioners Provide Heating?  

There are numerous ways to heat the interiors of a home, but the most energy-efficient and effective way is through a process called reverse cycle air conditioning. The reverse cycle or the heating mode works the opposite way as compared to the cooling mode.

Even on the coldest mornings or nights, the refrigerant passes through an external coil present in the system and absorbs the heat from the outdoor air. This heated refrigerant then pumps into the condenser through a compressor and releases warm air in the interiors of a building, making the atmosphere cosy and comfortable.

What are the Benefits of Reverse Cycle Air Conditioning Systems? 

  • Energy Efficiency– They are incredibly efficient in cost, energy usage, heating and cooling, making them an excellent investment in health and comfort.
  • Cost Saving– They bring down the cost of electricity even in extreme conditions.
  • Life Span– They have a relatively long life span when compared to portable heaters.
  • Quiet Operation-They operate quietly and hence are highly recommended for those who sleep lightly or houses with babies.
  • Adaptable– They are highly versatile and flexible with any temperature or climatic condition.
  • Air Purification– They help purify the indoor air by trapping fine airborne particles and deactivating the bacteria and viruses present in them.
  • Allergy Prevention– Considering the high rate of asthma and allergies presiding among Australia’s population, the reverse cycle system can considerably help keep the family safe and healthy.
  • Eco-friendly– They are better for the environment as these systems produce only a third or a fifth of the number of greenhouse gases than traditional electric heaters.
  • Professional Service– Local specialists can visit the homes for an assessment and recommend the option that is best suited for the family’s needs.
  • Value for Money– They are worth the money as the buyers get to pay only once for two systems that help with heating in the winter and cooling in the summer. 

Why Is It Important to Set the Right Temperature in Winter?

Studies show that the environment severely impacts a person’s body, health and well-being he or she is living in. Setting the temperature too low or too high can cause the mucous membranes susceptible to viruses and make them irritated and also cause disturbed sleep, leading to chronic exhaustion. People who are sick, the elderly and babies benefit from warmer temperature settings during winters as their bodies have relatively less immunity when it comes to cold. A balanced temperature can help the students and people who work from home focus better on their tasks. Finally, overheating and overcooling can become expensive if not regulated.

Seek local experts for recommendations on air conditioning in Brisbane Northside and select the best one that protects the family from the harsh winter cold.

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