Staff Lockers

Employees will typically have private effects which they might not wish or be allowed to carry to their workplaces. Items like wallets, car keys and diaries are often best kept in a safe locked place and not on work desks. A personal staff locker is the place where each employee can store his or her effects.

Even such a common place facility can come in different designs. For example, one design has 16 lockers, 6 lockers each stacked one on top of another in two “legs” and 4 lockers at the top bridging the two legs. Below the “bridge” is a clothes hanger for hanging coats.

Lockers Serve more than the Staff

Lockers are not just for staff. They are often available to visitors who are not permitted to take personal effects inside the premises. Lockers are used in businesses, hospitals, schools, offices, protected access premises, swimming pools, sports arenas, prisons and other places.

Without the lockers, staff and visitors are likely to face the problem of where to deposit their personal things and the results can be quite untidy for any business.

A Look at Staff Locker Models

A single tier locker that looks like a tall cabinet offers plenty of space to each user, with room enough to hang coats, and to store hats, books and other personal items. Constructed of heavy duty steel these lockers are safe and durable.

Twin lockers, which accommodate two lockers in place of the single roomy locker of the single tier model, doubles the number of lockers available. The lockers are still roomy enough and provided with hooks to hang shirts and jackets. Both the single tier and twin models have louvres that allow ventilation.

Staff Lockers come with different Features

Lockers can be made in steel, plastic, galvanized steel, wire or wood. They can be finished in plain and premium finishes, including timber finish, and can come with clear doors, extra secure locking and other features. There are also lockers for outdoor conditions that can withstand severe weather.

Staff locker suppliers can even customise the features to meet your specific needs and help you with advice and suggestions.