Stacker Two with Ephedra

Why can’t I get the fat burner original Stacker 2 with ephedra anymore, you ask? The item is not being manufactured anymore and probably never will be again. Keep reading and the link at the end of this article with tell you how you can get around the lack of ephedra products and how you can have Stacker Two with Ephedra.

Don’t go looking in your local corner mart or Wal-mart for ephedra products because they don’t want to risk the lawsuits. Companies can’t get insurance to cover sales of ephedra and simply don’t want the hassle either.

Original ephedra based fat burners including Hydroxycut, Metabolife 356, Diet Fuel and Stacker two have not been made since 2004.

You need to be careful, there is a good chance that if you do see any of these products still being sold they are either counterfeit, fake or out-of-date product.

The strongest and most powerful ingredient is ephedrine. Ephedra used in combination with caffeine used in the proven dosages will produce real fat loss. Even though ephedra is outlawed there are a tremendous number of people still searching for it on the internet, helping to prove that it did work. Suppression of appetite and direct stimulation of fat cell for increase energy expenditure were the reasons for weight loss.

Despite the fact that weight loss pills made with ephedra meant big sales and profits, it is no longer worth the risk of a lawsuit. Also, store other than small independents were simply not allowed by insurance companies to sell these products due to the risk of being sued by people that could not read labels and follow directions on how to take these products.

Why can’t I get ephedra diet pills at all, you ask? The FDA and lawsuits. The old news is the FDA banned ephedra and any type of ephedra products a while back and most of the companies that made products like Stacker 2 with ephedra have gone bankrupt from lawsuits.