Spring Gardening Time

The snow begins to melt. Seeds begin to sprout. Grass starts to grow. Spring’s a busy time of year. And, for the home gardener, it can be very busy indeed.

While every season delivers its own set of things that need to be done in the garden, spring is perhaps one of the busiest times of year for the home gardener. It is during this time that the garden needs some serious attention to get back in shape after a long winter’s break from the daily or weekly rigors backyard gardening can deliver.

To make spring gardening a little easier to tackle, take these projects one at a time and before long, your garden should look fantastic.

Here’s a basic list of things to do in regard to gardening maintenance in the spring:

* Weeding. One of the best ways to get your garden back in shape each spring is to start out with fresh beds. Remove all the weeds that have cropped up and take measures to make sure they stay away – at least for a while.
* Prune trees and shrubs. Cut back the growth and help make your garden look more tailored and cared for. Shrubs like viburnum and bushes such as roses are perfect for a little spring pruning.
* Deadheading. This is simply the removal of dead flowers from their bulbs. This lets the plant concentrate its energy on growing the plant; not the dead flowers.
* Tools. Spring is the perfect time to make sure all tools are in order for the busy seasons ahead.
* Put spring plants in the ground. This is the ideal time to add some new foliage to the garden. Just be certain all threat of frost has passed before doing so. Things such as trees, shrubs, flowers and summer bulbs can go into the ground now.
* Lawn maintenance. If you have a lawn, spring is the time to start making it look good. Remove weeds, plant sod, seeds or plugs if necessary, and start mowing as needed.
* Staking. Be sure to bolster plants that are susceptible to wind damage. Spring in most places brings unpredictable weather that can damage new plants and seedlings.

Spring is the start of the growing season in many areas. Inasmuch, it’s the ideal time to get a jump on all the chores in the garden. The more that’s prepared during this season, the more smooth gardening will go in the summer and fall, which are the really busy times of year.