Split Ends Treatment Theory

Treatments for split ends will help them appear healthier temporarily, but they don’t get rid of them. If you continue to grow your hair out and never cut them off, they will continue to split and you’ll just have to cut your hair even shorter to completely get rid of them. As much as you hate to hear it, you need to and should cut them off.

Because to maintain healthly hair you need to take care of it and trimming it every once and awhile helps. If you have splits ends and its dry or whatever, you cant say your hair is healthy. Your diet and stress level also determines how healthly your hair is. So trimming them is all a part of maintaining hair so can it grow to the best of its ability. Its average for hair to grow about 1/2 a month.

Your hair is made up of keratin.. When that protein becomes so brittle that it starts to break, there is nothing that you can do to repair that. All you can do is have the split ends trimmed off. Then, in order to slow down the reoccurence of the split ends, you will have to start using conditioner on a regular basis and you will have to abstain from using a hairdryer as much as possible.

Trim your hair every 6 to 8 weeks, keep heat down to a minimum and condition your hair to protect if from heat. Simple precautions and home remedies can prevent formation of split ends. After shampooing and conditioning the hair, apply a drop of olive oil on the hair, Aloe Vera juice can also be sprayed to moisturize the hair.

Shaving your head normally resloves the issue. Since split ends are caused when hair becomes damaged or dry, the longer it gets the more likely the problem will become. If your not willing to shave it clean off, try adding a large spoon full of Lard to your daily diet. I have had friends that do that for their dogs and it provides a nice shinny coat.

Massaging your scalp can help exfoliate skin and remove all oily residue. Mix 1 tablespoon of Malt Vinegar in a glass of water, add a pinch of salt. Use 2 tablespoons of it on your scalp and massage it with your finger tips twice a week. Leave it on for one hour.

While shampooing massage your scalp with your fingertips slowly, it’s not necessary to shampoo the ends, then rinse with warm water. Trimming and cutting aren’t going to be unavoidable. If you do not remove split ends, they will only get worse. The longer you wait to cut them off, the more length you’ll end up losing. Go get a trim, make it clear to your stylist that you do not want anymore than absolutely necessary removed in order to get rid of the split ends.

If you use heat appliances (blowdryers,curling irons, hair straightener) use a heat protecter spray so it’ll protect your hair from heat. make sure when you wash your hair you are using cool water. If you use hot you are giving your hair no chance for being healthy. You dye your hair to often it should be every 3 months and no sooner. Also hot irons are not bad for your hair as long as you do not turn the heat to it highest setting. Make sure when you are brushing your hair out you use a wide tooth comb or pick not a brush. they tear your ends up.

Finding the perfect balance between hair length, hair hygiene and convenience is hard but once you get it figured out it shouldn’t be too hard to maintain.