Spirituality–What’s It Good For?

Being spiritual or not spiritual isn’t an option-you were born spiritual and everything you do is spiritual.

So what is the deal with trying to be spiritual-trying to find your path of enlightenment?

I believe we are programmed to believe we are not spiritual unless we have a religious belief and attend church. For centuries those who do attend meetings have been trying to recruit non believers and convert them to their faith. The bottom line for the church is it’s simply good business and nothing else. Long before there were churches, there were millions of people who were very aware of their own spirituality and they understood the connection between themselves, others and their environment.

Although many of us are not aware of our spirituality it doesn’t mean we are not spiritual. It is spirit which moves the body, that knows it’s alive and its connection to the environment. Awareness of this is what most people are lacking. The benefits of knowing ones true nature or spiritual connection are many.

If you lived in a dry land and everyday was a great effort to find and gather water, would it not benefit you to know that by digging 20 below your feet you would find all the water you could use?

If you were homeless and you spent your days sitting on the same corner begging for food, would it not benefit you to know that there is a free soup kitchen only two blocks away?

If you were in the market for a new car and you local dealer did not have what you were looking for, would it not benefit you to know that in the next town, they have the exact model you’re looking for?

Knowledge is power-the awareness of one’s own spiritual nature is power. The most amazing thing is we do not have to do anything, look anywhere, or kiss anybodies ass to be spiritual. We simply have to know we are already there. The benefits of this knowledge are infinite opportunity to experience anything we desire. Would this knowledge serve you to know you can have abundance, good relationships, love, or anything you desire simply by knowing that you can?

The knowledge of your own spirituality can open doors to places you would never thought possible and it is yours through the simple process of knowing.

The big difference between believing and knowing is in knowing you already have it-you are already experiencing it. In believing or having faith that you will have a thing-it is something that may occur in the future. In knowing you are the spiritual one who will create what you wish to experience-you have access to immediate delivery and it is not incumbent upon the whims of someone or something else.

The greatest secret to the benefits of spiritual awareness is the power that it holds. In the knowing you are spiritual, brings knowing its power and its responsibility-it is absolute. Thinking, believing, trusting or having faith that you are spiritual does not take you there-it is the awareness of being spiritual which makes it so. It’s within the acceptance of being this power that you are able to use it. Humanity knew this a very long time ago, but gave up the responsibility for it because he feared his own imagination and the awesome limitlessness of its capabilities.

Power is non-power unless it’s used. The responsibility for this power was too much for primitive man. Instinctively man still knows his connection to this power it never went away. He chose a life of limited power and a lifetime of trying to find it. The same power that can create universes can also destroy them-man fears this power. Man generally fears to think too big. He is still very primitive in his thinking and his concerns are with himself and his little empire. There are other places, other realms yet to be discovered that will require him to be more powerful. Until he is ready to claim back his spirituality and power he will never leave this earth.

The good new is that you can have it all now through complete acceptance of what you truly are.

Spirituality, what is it good for? It’s worthless until you know its value and place in your own awareness.

As you read this, your creative mind may be thinking this is a lot of bull. And you would be correct. You would also have a greater understanding of why you do not have complete authority over your life or have limited power. You would know why things do not always work out the way you want them to-you have accepted less! Quit simply-you are not ready to accept what is already yours.

If at this moment you may be saying to yourself-my life is the way it is because of “this” or “that” then you already know you are powerless to change it.

That changes when you accept your own spirituality. What is it good for-it is determined by you and your own creativity.